Choreographed Destiny Dance Party Comes Complete With Stage Show

It's a fairly well-known fact that you can make your Guardians dance in Destiny, and many take advantage of that ability everywhere from the Tower to the most inappropriate times (see: the middle of a firefight). Destiny dance parties are nothing new, but this crew took things to a whole new level with a stage show, choreography, and some perfectly-synced music.

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johndoe112112387d ago

That was actually cooler than I thought it would be.

bunt-custardly2386d ago

Yeh totally. They could have edited the intro a bit more to not include the loading but that was impressively well thought out. I especially liked the gunfire light show.

3-4-52386d ago

That was better than the actual music video for that song.

amnalehu2386d ago

Dancing can actually be useful during a fight. While dancing you enter a 3rd person view which allows you to peak around corners and get a wider view of the field.

ABizzel12386d ago

Yep, but only when you have a place to safely hide.

Tankbusta402386d ago

No content means gamers have to improvise in destiny

CorndogBurglar2386d ago

Yes, because no one has ever done anything ridiculous like this before in other video games....

Algorithm4272386d ago

Wow, obvious trolling is obvious. I knew someone would post this extremely predictable comment before I opened the comment section. Congrats guy!

Fauxfire2386d ago

This is why I stopped playing destiny... and you know, the boredom

CorndogBurglar2386d ago

You stopped playing because these guys made a dance video?

You guys do realize that these guys have done stuff like this before in Halo games also, right?

objdadon2386d ago

This is just one of the very many reasons why I love this game! The community is full of fun!

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