Metal Gear Online 3 dev tweets recap: MGO Lifespan, Konami and New E3 Trailer

Interesting MGO3 dev team Q&A going on this week includes MGO Lifespan, Konami and possibly a new MGO3 Trailer for E3 2015.

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Batzi2387d ago

As much as I want another MGO trailer, I'm hoping for another story trailer too! Best way to promote TPP before launch and to distract the fans away from the bad press and the negativity that came out of the Konami-Kojima debacle.

Gatsu2386d ago

Exactly what I want from E3 :).

Ratty2386d ago

I don't know honestly. I'm hyped as hell for the game but right now I want to stay as far away from trailers as possible to avoid seeing too much/getting spoiled.

I mean the game is coming out in three months. Not like it was another year or two.

That's just me. I guess I'm still sore over the MGS3 trailers that showed almost half of the game's cutscenes.

007772387d ago

To be honest, I'm hoping for Beta. O well, I will take whatever they give us.

OmegaShen2386d ago

Wonder if you can box camp still? I use to camp by the respawn and hide in a box until the time was right to kill.

Ratty2386d ago

What I really enjoyed was waiting a couple rounds before starting to hide in a box. I'd break boxes that were already there and then take its place as a box. No one ever suspected it.

After a while, they'd get paranoid and start shooting at every box they saw but I wasn't in them anymore xD

Good times.

I'm pretty sure you can still do that. Cardboard boxes are sort of an MGS trademark.

Tankbusta402386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

I'm. Sure mgo will have as short life span...konami is looking to wipe their boots with anything Kojima

Tdmd2385d ago

The saddest thought of the day.