Check Out Footage from Splatoon Mess Fest in Santa Monica

Splatoon looks great and everything, but it has one fatal flaw: it's not real. Nintendo, however, is trying their darndest to fix that and held a real life Splatoon ink fight yesterday.

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Metallox1303d ago

Why just one city, guys? :(

ValKilmer1303d ago

This looked super expensive to put on. I'm surprised they bothered at all, honestly.

MK24ever1303d ago

It looked absolutely pathetic to be honest, not fun, or cool or original, just really lame. Good for us the Video Game version of it looks the opposite.

TripC501303d ago

I'd have gone to it if I lived near there. Any chance to play the game against people under the same tent would have been the one and only chance to talk to teammates and (politely) smack talk the other team with them right there in real life. Closest anyone will get to do that is at game expos or competitively if this game ever goes MLG.