Voodoo Extreme: Fallout 3 Hands-On

VE3D: "I can't talk about all of the things that I saw, but I have a feeling that the game is shaping up very well. Despite the smooth controls on the 360 version, odds are I'll be getting Fallout 3 on the PC, but it's good to know that the Xbox 360 is a viable option if my computer becomes sentient and needs to be put down."

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TheXgamerLive3742d ago

I just have this feeling since word zero on the ps3 version, I'm betting the ps3 will be delayed until Q2 2009. Hopefully not.

The sand box platform for a FallOut game and looking and playing this good, has me very happy. I can't wait !!

Allowen3742d ago

I belive this Bethesda game will have better control and look better on the PS3 then the it will be on xbox360.Just like Oblivion did.