The Witcher 3: PS4 vs XB1 video

Gamersyde: Many people have asked us for a comparison video of both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I can't say I like these videos, so I'll do this one only showing the Griffon sequence. And since the lighting seems slightly different in both versions, this video really should only be used for framerate comparison, and even then... Like I told you, these videos aren't really my thing :)

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pyroxxx1254d ago

They both look great,.. PS4 looks a bit sharper,.. but that was expected,..
Hope I can run it half decently on my rig,.. or I'll wait a bit and get it for ps4

Genuine-User1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

They do indeed. But I noticed the lower frame-rate and dynamic resolution almost instantly.

Cra2yey31254d ago

At times I didn't even noticed the spilt...

Genuine-User1254d ago


and at times, I did.

Transistor1254d ago

The Xbox One is definitely more blurry. The PS4 is sharper, especially in the background.

GribbleGrunger1254d ago

I'm a PS4 gamer through and through, can see the difference between 1080p and 900p, but I can't see a difference here. I wear glasses when playing and seldom don a microscope. Both camps should be happy with this game.

GameNameFame1254d ago

I see the difference, but compressed video or compressed image never show the full difference.

thekhurg1253d ago

What was with the crazy studder on the xbone side in the beginning? Video error, something on my end, or just the game itself?

TheXgamerLive1253d ago

No you didn't but I did notice your trolling immeadiatley

tuglu_pati1253d ago

Differences are really minor, performance is gonna be the deciding factor.

meche3341253d ago

Lower frame rate? lol why do they even scale it if the frame rate is gonna drop. thats why it scales,so it can keep its framerate

mikeslemonade1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

X1 seems to make you feel more near-sighted. You know it's just bragging rights for the PS4 fan base.

Show me gameplay comparisons. I really hate these custscene comparisons cause they can enhance evenly on both systems.

1253d ago
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Transistor1254d ago

They both look good. But the PS4 is less blurry and has a better frame rate. The Xbox One seems to have a problem with stuttering, maybe it can be fixed with a patch.

MasterCornholio1254d ago

I see that problem as well but I'm sure the devs will fix it.

sigfredod1254d ago

On your pic, i just saw the eyes and there iis a big difference the ps4 looks much better

Wii_nes_0071253d ago

Since when is asking a question considered trolling?

LonDonE1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Yes it is defo a frame pacing issue causing the stuttering on both the x1 and Ps4 versions but to a lesser degree on the latter.
If u google nxgamer on youtube he has a frame rate analysis off the x1 version which clearly shows the witcher wild hunt is running at 35fps on average fully vsync.
But the frame timing fluctuates causing the feeling of a low frame rate and stuttering!

Hopefully cd projekt can further fix this on both consoles, nxgamer shows footage post and pre patch.
It seems the day one patch has downgraded anisotropic filtering during cutscenes to boost frame rate! but during normal game play the day 1 patches hardly changes performance.
It seems the game runs an unlocked frame rate, cd projekt should of locked it to 30fps to stop it fluctuating between 39fps to 28fps!

Either the game look stunning on x1 and would fool most into thinking its native 1080p.
I would highly recommend NXGamer on youtube, hes very honest, reliable and does great technical break downs of games.
His technical know how would defo suggest hes a developer of games or a graphics programmer.
Either way check him out i promise you will end subctibing! he is lightyears better then clickbaiters like gaming bolt and unlike then he knows allot about gaming! Sorry for typos, wrote this on my x1 with the pad lol.

1253d ago
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Magicite1254d ago

I think PS4 version got more saturated colors or better contrast.

BallsEye1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Sharper? They look EXACTLY the same. Ah right, just saw video comparison of ps4 vs pc in 5k res and comments saying PC looks better get thumbed down allt he way. Incredible.
Direct screenshot comparison could show differences. This video shows none except different position of the sun.

gosukyomomma1253d ago

I just watched the video via my phone but the video did not scale properly so the two consoles names where out of view meaning i had no idea which was which, IMMEDIATELY i said to myself whatever is on the left looks better. so yes a clear difference is noticeable

MysticStrummer1253d ago

"They look EXACTLY the same."

No THEY don't.

fayz61253d ago

I can't see a difference but in person ps4 will be sharper due to 1080p vs 900p image.

these graphics battles are so knit picky. i think people should really pick a console for the games & features they like.

comebackkid98911253d ago

PS4 may have the slight edge, but dynamic resolution is an awesome feature and I wish it was a part of both versions.

r2oB1253d ago

Why would you want a dynamic resolution on the PS4 if it's a constant 1080p throughout?

comebackkid98911253d ago

Meant scaling resolution if you wanted to sacrifice res for framerate.

WonderboyIII1253d ago

Both consoles (medium level PCs rebranded as consoles) brought down the quality for the PC. The Witcher 2 and 3 are both 20GB in size. So The Witcher 3 with all its open worldness and next gen assets is as big as the witcher 2. GTA 4 was 16 GB, GTA 5 is 60GB.

WonderboyIII1253d ago

“Usually the weakest platform dictates the quality for all platforms, but high-quality visuals are our trademark, so we need to approach each platform as individually as possible,” Badowski says.

Read more:

Reaper29r1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Yeah I saw this few days ago. Damn shame. They should have made it as best as they could on PC, and then scaled it down to the consoles. I'm not saying the console versions look bad, far from it. But the PC version could have looked a lot closer to what we saw in the reveal trailer had they not thrown in the towel, and his statement confirms that. It shouldn't matter if it's 1% of PC gamers that can run that (which is a bs figure IMO, you can't track that) or not. Each platform should be pushed to it's fullest. Plus a lot of PC gamers upgrade after a few years, and one of my favorite things to do after an upgrade is go back and play stuff I couldn't max out, but on full settings. I'm actually pretty disappointed with CDPR for going that route with this, seems like they along with a lot of other devs over the years, forgot who put them on that pedestal to begin with.

Course this will probably get mad disagrees and marked as trolling or something, but it's really no different than when PS4 gamers yell PARITY with XB1 version of games.

1253d ago
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KionicWarlord2221254d ago

Looks more or less the same on both.

Best looking open world game for sure on consoles.

gfk3421253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

It depends on what are you watching the comparison video.

If you are looking on a tablet, smart phone or a 720p laptop monitor, for sure they will look the same.

But seeing the comparison video on a proper display, the difference will pop out immediately (which one is more crispier and with less jaggies).

80% of the people commenting here are looking on a tablet or a phone. So I don't know how much relevant are their comments.

Khajiit861253d ago

I watched it in 720p and PS4 looked slightly better, then I put it on 1080p and X1 is weak compared to PS4.

Alexander1Nevermind1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

I agree gfk, On my PC at 1080p the PS4 looks sharper. I would point out the package at the 15-16 sec mark.

That being said the X1 version still looks good. For me I'm going with the PS4 version (mainly due to trophies), even though my PC can handle it (FX8350 and EVGA 970 SSC) on at the very least very high settings. I will be picking it up on pc at a later date most likely when the price drops.

Ashby_JC1253d ago

Since I only have one console...ill just enjoy that and not worry about the other console.

Looking forward to a new game...its been awhile!

Am-No-Hero1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

PS4 won < ( if u like it Agree if not Dis )

Xbox won < ( if u dont Dis if u like it Agree )


here we go , I love you all PS fans and X Fans see whatever u want to see

edit :

Wow first Disagree , someone didnt check the other option


bleedsoe9mm1254d ago

no vote for me , i don't think it makes a darn bit of difference and thats the ridiculous idea of looking at them side by side .

Enmson1254d ago

My head hurts just by trying to read your comment.

Am-No-Hero1254d ago

you are good , me I couldn't look at it again -_-

it just " Vroom "

FamilyGuy1254d ago

Agree no matter what?

So confusing, way you write, it is.

d_g1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

it looks great on both

(مسجل هنا ^_*)

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bleedsoe9mm1254d ago

at times i couldn't even see the line , looks great on both

RiPPn1254d ago

It'll be fine on either but PS4 is clearly the superior version and that's where I'll be playing this game come Tuesday!

Outsider-G1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Superior is probably the wrong word, but the PS4 does have the advantage.

I'm just glad that come Tuesday, the gaming community as a whole will be able to enjoy it.

FamilyGuy1254d ago

What does the word "superior" mean to you?

darksky1253d ago

@ Rippn

Do you have both XB1 and PS4 that you decided to play the superior version?
Or are you just trolling?

If you really want to play the superior version then play on PC.