NVIDIA and ATI Have Been Lying to Us - Accused of price fixing

Traian Teglet reports:

''It's safe to say that most of us believe that the rivalry between the two biggest chip manufacturers is pretty much real and intense. Over time, countless words have been spent on said rivalry, all of them claiming that big players like NVIDIA and ATI have never seen eye to eye. But they do say that, more often than not, appearances can be deceiving – and such could also be the case with these two graphics giants, which are now reported to have tried and might have actually succeeded to collaborate in order to get more money from the end-user.

Believe or not, the rivalry between NVIDIA and ATI might have been just a media show put together to make us believe that one is better than the other, just to constantly have us buying their cards. And reports indicate they might have went even further than that. Just recently, both companies were accused of having reached an agreement in order set the prices for their graphics cards higher than what they should be
under normal circumstances.''

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