Xbox 360 sales are good, but PS2 is still doing better

First to the new consoles on the market. In the US the Wii sold 476,000 units, while the PS3 managed less than half that figure with only 197,000 units. The Xbox 360, now over a year old, outsold its rivals with 511,000 units shifted, bringing total US sales to 3.8 million.

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joemutt4334d ago

I was in gamestop yesterday, and two gamecubes were sold in the 10 minutes I was there.

One guy bought a used one, and the other kid didnt want one but his mom said that was what he was getting, and bought him a new one.

MicroGamer4334d ago

Have you seen how much Gamestop is downsizing their GC inventory?? The ones near me have hardly anything on the shelves anymore.

marcusfenix4334d ago

How many PS2's can you get for the price of a 360? 2 PS2's plus games for a core 360, and 3 PS2's plus games for the premium 360.

uxo224333d ago

So how many ps2s and games can you get for the core and premuim ps3. You forgot to add that.

Maddens Raiders4334d ago

When I'm in BBuy, while I'm browsing through all the Next-Gen crap, there is still a healthy number of people flipping through all the GameBoy & PS2 stuff. Viva 1998!

MicroGamer4334d ago

games on shelves for GBC once in while and very rarely a shrink wrapped B&W GB game still turns up.

NextGen24Gamer4334d ago

And the ps2 is the cheapest dvd player/casual gaming console on the planet....It is not only outselling the 360 in November...but its outselling the ps3 and the Wii. But, the ps2 has absolutely no impact on the next generation of gaming. Xbox 360 leads the way in this next gen of gaming and will throughout the consoles life. ps2 and DS are more comparable in regards to price. But the DS dominates anything in its price range.

PS3alltheway4334d ago

i hate to reply but there not talking about nextgen . its bout who sale the most
stop changing the topic

uxo224333d ago

why are they comparing the PS2 to the 360, shouldn't the xbox360 sales be compared to the PS3 right now? Oh, I see, that would be fair just yet right? But, once the PS3 surpasses the 360 in overall sells, then they'll start to compare them.

Why isn't the PS2 being compared to the DS for sales this year. Is there not a story there, or is it a story with the wrong result..hmmm

Grown Folks Talk4334d ago

$100 and 8,000 games to choose from. what a shock.

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The story is too old to be commented.