9 Witcher 3 Mods We Want to Play

With Wild Hunt coming to PC, we riff on some dream mods.

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AlokTheDemon1250d ago

Official enhanced edition , nothing else :X

Roadrun011250d ago

Well would love that, but i still like others to mod as well, especially given that CDPR has made a huge deal opening totally to this possibility.
1 Playthrough with " Oficially enhanced edition" and then som plays with Mods, tat would just kick ass for me :)

Takwin1250d ago

I'm doing one 100 hour playthrough vanilla.

Then I'll wait until the free and paid DLC is released and give it the Skyrim treatment with tons of mods. I'll play that for 200+ hours.

Can't wait!

Meltic1250d ago

well can the game be released first and be played Before thinking of mods ?

Roadrun011250d ago

Well i guess its free for anyone to enjoy a game the way they like. Some LOVES to mod and see how good they can make the game look, others like to do like you, and focus on the Vanilla.

As long you are having fun with the way you treat the game, i would say go nuts.

WonderboyIII1250d ago

A car mod? 2 scary looking IGN'ers want to drive a Ferrari in the Witcher 3. How about a texture pack and an update to get the PC version to look like the VGX trailer that said ingame footage? Who would have thought that The Witcher 2 is 20GB and the Witcher 3 is also 20GB on PC?

One-Shot1250d ago

Oh, you're one of those people.

TedCruzsTaint1250d ago

How about the mod that returns the game to the visual fidelity we were essentially promised up to just a few days ago?