Image and details for the newly-available 2.4Ghz Edition of Hyperkin RetroN 3 Video Game System

A new image, along with some details, have been listed for the newly-available 2.4Ghz Edition of the Hyperkin RetroN 3 Video Game System.

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KryptoniteTail2387d ago

Looks okay but it screams MadCatz.

TheOnlyMastrx2387d ago

Really wish I had money for a RetroN 5. Also really wish I never bought an FC3 Plus, the controllers it came with are garbage. At least Hyperkin is smart and allows use of the original controllers.

Agent_hitman2387d ago

lol this indie-made emulation system is a lot more powerful than Wii U by just looking at it's clockspeed..

Nio-Nai2386d ago

The 2.4Ghz is talking about the controllers wireless frequency.

If you read into it, you would notice that the controllers only have a range of 15 feet, and since they are using that sort of wireless tech the battery life will be terrible.

blackblades2386d ago

Awesome, better then the sega genesis classic at Walgreens. This comes with NES, SNES, and genesis at the right price I'll try it. Still want to get the ouya for the videos and emulators.

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