WorthPlaying Preview: Bionic Commando Rearmed

WorthPlaying writes: "Bionic Commando: Rearmed is an enhanced remake of the Capcom classic from 1988. Former employees who worked on the original game are serving as consultants for this remake, so the level design remains largely faithful to the source material, from the numbered world map to the level layouts.

You play as Nathan "Rad" Spencer, and you must go behind enemy lines to rescue commando "Super Joe," who had been tasked with stopping the "The Albatross," an evil plan to take over the world. You move through the levels, shooting down enemies, employing your bionic arm to quickly climb up platforms or swing yourself across large gaps.

Your bionic arm has some new abilities, which expands your options in interacting with enemies and changes up some of the gameplay. In the original, you could have temporarily repelled an enemy by aiming your bionic arm in his direction, but in Rearmed, you can grab an enemy, pull him toward you, and carry him around for a short while before flinging him from a high platform. In the 1988 iteration, you could deploy your bionic arm to grab onto a barrel, but it remained static, so the only thing you could do was pull yourself closer to the enemy. The remake allows you to grab onto a barrel, pull it toward you, pick it up, and launch it at a foe."

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