Why isn’t the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 open to the public?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 as it’s affectionately called, has been a press only affair for quite some time. Actually let me back up because prior to 2007 I believe, it was actually possible for someone other than being part of the industry or press / media to actually gain access to the event. However ever since have they tightened up their requirements it’s gotten back to their roots and has remained a exhibitor and press event ever since. Though that always seems to bug people, especially me. If this is a gaming event or showcase as you may, shouldn’t this be open to the public or at the very least an option for more than just press to gain access to the event.

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nicksetzer12387d ago

Just a guess, (actaully not really a guess) but maybe fire safety laws limit theaount of people allowed in an enclosed space at any time. This in mind, the amount of people who would come to a public E3 event is about 20x the above mentioned amount.

It sucks that it isn't public, but it is no surprise. They could limit this with public tickets, but by that time with all enential publications PR and staff it would pretty much be full.

hazelamy2387d ago

with events like Comic-con, the PAXs, and all the other gaming and comic/movie cons not having a problem letting the public in, i really doubt that's what's stopping them opening up E3.

Double_O_Revan2386d ago

Comic-Con, PAX, etc were created solely for the public. E3 was created as a trade show, and they have no problem whatsoever of filling that place up on just Industry People alone.

Have you ever seen video streams or photos from the floor? That place is Packed. It's not open to the public because they couldn't possibly handle the extra bodies.

In an ideal world, there would be a small pool of public passes. However, as I've seen many times in the past, and even this past week with NYCC tickets, these venues are becoming so popular, they have no problem selling out in Minutes.

Luckily I got my 4 day passes to NYCC, but others reported them being sold out in less then 30 minutes. And we're talking about a venue of 150k. Imagine trying to release only 20k E3 tickets to the public. Madness would ensue!!

CernaML2386d ago

Being open to the public is the reason why I will never attend events like ComicCon.

E3 is already bad enough despite having restrictions!

hells_supernova2386d ago

It is because it is a show for Amazon and Walmart not for us gamers they are trying to get them excited to pre order thousands of copies for their retail chains.

rainslacker2386d ago

They tried making it public for a couple years. It was not very conducive to allowing the press to get a hands on with everything.

I believe one or two days was reserved for press only, or something like that.

Iltapalanyymi2387d ago

they would easily make loadsamoney if they opened the whole thing up to the public.

hazelamy2387d ago

because, why would the people who buy and play the games want to go to E3 right?
end sarcasm mode.

seriously though, i suspect it's about controlling what gets out from the show.
i mean why do so many closed doors events at E3 if it's press only anyway?
so they can control the news that gets out.

they don't want every Tom Dick and Harriet telling people everything that's at E3.

ironfist922387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

To pay off the journalists to gain better hype and reviews of their games, of course.

bmwfanatic2387d ago

If I am not mistaken e3 isn't for the public ( I know its streamed for us) but the press and industry leaders etc. There are other game conference's that are open to the public.

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The story is too old to be commented.