DICE explain Star Wars Battlefront’s lack of space battles

Thanks to a number of overly-dedicated Bothans we now know Star Wars: Battlefront will be arriving this November, but with the power of a new generation of consoles bringing the struggle between the Empire and the Rebellion to life, why did developer DICE choose to leave out those iconic space battles?

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DarkOcelet1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

"We want players to stay in the same [environment] - we don't want players to fly off and do something over here. It's about the Battlefront experience, so we want to keep you in-atmosphere and fighting with the infantry."

Thats some lame @ss excuse. I am betting that space battles will be added as part of the season pass and Dice will be saying 'We realized that fans wanted space battles so we decided to include it in the season pass, just for 29.99$'

iamnsuperman1255d ago

I doubt it is because they will sell it as DLC. I just don't see it. The thing they will sell as DLC is more worlds (i.e. maps).

The reasons why there is no space battles is because they are creating their battlefront game exactly the same way they have created battlefield in the past. They creating what they know (which I think has something to do with getting it out quickly). The excuse they give is a load of rubbish since they have created games, in the past, where they have controlled where players go through objectives. Same could be applied with adding space battles

DarkOcelet1255d ago

Its either DLC or a solo expansion like Battlefield Vietnam.

Maddens Raiders1255d ago

superman stated the reason perfectly. I love BF, but this is some lame ass ish right here. Why insult us with this rubbish excuse? "Star Wars" and NO space battles? Mkayyy... ¬ ¬

thorstein1255d ago

@allabove just wondering which unreleased game you haven't played yet is worse: the division or sw battlefront?

NuggetsOfGod1255d ago

consoles holding everything back already? ps4/bone on a roll!

3-4-51255d ago

* Stop negatively saying what they will do.

You don't know, if you do then prove it to us right here....right now.

You can't, so stop acting like you know all about a game your not even working on.

That is like me complaining about the next Ford Fusion before it's even finished being made.

Only an arrogant fool would hate on this game so early.

* Still haven't seen E3 release or gameplay, yet you know how it plays?

Some of you on here are just outright lying to people.

At that point, what purpose do you serve to humanity ?

DontShoot-Me-Bro1255d ago

what purpose do you serve to humanity ?

LOL calm down dude

Most people are just letting out their fustration on what a huge experience Battlefront could have been if they wouldn't have taken took out so many things or not implemented certain things which could have enriched the experience, and people are venting their anger and why they would choose to do that.

_-EDMIX-_1254d ago

I got to agree. This isn't a sequel to SW BF, not the same team, not the same engine and not the same generation, thus we don't really know just how demanding the game is or how demanding the mode is going to be.

The fact that they are saying "We want players to stay in the same [environment]" sounds more like they want space battles with objectives from planet to space ie a Titan Mode ala BF 2142.

That is much more epic then what any SW BF has done in the past.

@Hasj1990- "could have been" They have a budget and recreating a 10 year old game in a new engine with features known for next gen gamers isn't this easy task.

That is like expecting a FF in Luminous that has you do the exact same things done in FFIV, ie controlling an airship in air, water, underground and even space.

Was it done before? Well yes....NOT in a demanding, next gen only engine, with textures, physics etc. To ask for such features is to have this idea that gaming is this copy and paste thing lol. Its just not how games work and even what DICE are seeking is much more demanding and epic then what was featured in SW BF2.

EVEN the original team Pandemic didn't do Space battles the first SW BF, they did it the second.

To be fully fair, wait at least to see what DICE does with their second SW BF.

This isn't 10 years ago and it would be strange to expect the exact same thing as if game development is 100% the same.

and...stop telling others to "calm down" this is a site to talk about just a thing. Whats even more strange, is those who are angry, have irrational hate and really not much understanding about game development to just assume such features would exist 1.1 in another game 10 years later with no real understanding to the massive undertaking that would be.

Airships in FFIV clearly won't take the time to actually do to convey the same thing in something like the Luminous engine. Gamers may think they are asking for the same thing, but they very much are asking for a much more demanding task then they really think. Its at a cost that actually makes no sense to todays standards of development. Its best to have it saved for SW BF2...DICE.

Debaitable1255d ago

"Take control of your favorite space vehicle in our revision of Battlefront!"*

*Space vehicles cannot go into space.

Cause you know, when I think of star wars, I think about all them ground battles...

The_Sage1253d ago

Honestly, what was the ratio of conflicts in space vs conflicts on the ground in the original trilogy? Actually think about it.

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Garethvk1255d ago

I have a meeting with EA at E3 on day one so I will get some info on this and the other Star Wars games. As a fan who was there at the launch of the first movie, I will give you an honest feedback on it when we see it.

slate911255d ago

Just wondering where should we look for your interview at?

Garethvk1255d ago

It will be on we are just completing a server move and restoring the logo and art in the next week or so. It is a tour where they show you each of the games, many behind closed doors so will likely be a recap and such. Not sure until we get there if some will have hands on time.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1255d ago

"Basically, we want to to add it on later as dlc to maximize profits."

Angelin1254d ago

I see nothing wrong with that. Do you know how much time, effort and stress is put into this kind of game? what if they came out with a game that has all the features the community is requesting but charge 200$ for it? You would then say: "well.. I don't need this and that so why would I pay for it???."

stragomccloud1255d ago

Stop. Just stop, you guys.

BlackSpartan1871255d ago

UM, it is called Star Wars, how the heck there is no space battles.

plmkoh1255d ago

There were no space 'battles' in The Empire Strikes Back.

TripC501255d ago

I like to think the two fighter escorts per heavy transport ship that were sent during the evacuation of Hoth had to deal with some Tie fighters in mini battles in the space just outside of Hoth atmosphere. This is my own imagination though. Would have been an epic video game level with the ion cannon blasting by to hit and immobilize the star destroyers. Would have been beautiful. But hey... No battles truly happened I guess :/

tigertron1255d ago

but there was in ANH, ROTJ, TPM and ROTS.

thorstein1255d ago

There are no space battles in a plethora of star wars games dating back to the Atari 2600.

_-EDMIX-_1254d ago space battles in the first SW BF.

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