Project CARS - Lotus 98T at Monza, PC gameplay (All Assists Off, 100% A.I.)

VVV: "We amp up the difficulty in our latest Project CARS video by taking on the classic Lotus 98T around Monza. The Lotus is enough of a handful with assists on but Alan goes all out and tames the beastly classic without the aid of any assists whatsoever. Oh and the difficulty has been ramped up to the maximum 100% setting; a brave man indeed.

Already we see cars jostling for position at turn one, with one AI driver running wide. Getting through turn one at the start of a race at Monza without incident can be very tricky indeed. The Lotus requires very smooth inputs in steering, braking and throttle application, any jerking or sudden movements and applications and the Lotus will have no problem sending you into the nearest crash barrier."

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