Gears of War leak, NDAs, and Microsoft’s right to enforce

Since the great Gears of War leak a couple of days ago, the internet has been up in arms over Microsoft‘s reaction towards those who breached the nondisclosure agreement (NDA). One side of the fence suggests that those who leaked the Gears of War footage deserve every bit of punishment they receive; while the other side suggests that Microsoft was too harsh. Some are even expressing concern over the company’s ability to remotely shut off access to an Xbox One‘s software.

Alex from Gamespresso suggests that all courses of action so far, including Microsoft's remote software block, are justified.

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vega2752387d ago

Please the only people complaining that MS is wrong are sony fanboys with their agendas. These people knew they signed a NDA to preview the game. They lucky they weren't sued or permanently banned. It was their own fault.

As much as im happy yo hear there's a gears coming. I didnt have a problem waitingtil E3. But people are so eager to brag that they are playing tjis unannounced game that this was a result of their own actions.

Do I blame MS for temporary banning them. No cause its a light punishment. it could have been worst and they could have been sued.

aconnellan2387d ago

Exactly this. This is a slap on the wrist compared to normal legal ramifications in the NDA realm.

As for MS, this is now the second year in a row they've had a big remaster spoiled right before E3. I'm still eager to see it, but it sucks to have the surprise taken out.

christocolus2387d ago

Exactly,last year was a bummer.Halo MCC, FH2 and a few others were leaked before E3 but this time around they've been pretty tight lipped and i think there will be many more announcements at the show.

christocolus2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Talking about E3. Have you seen this gif? Its so funny.

Kingscorpion712387d ago

Well they haven't leaked Gears 4 yet. You can get excited for that

Gazondaily2387d ago

Im surprised they got off so lightly. I mean that's a breach of contract. I would expect harsher punishments.

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vega2752387d ago

Thanks but I hate typing on my phone. So many errors.

hello122387d ago

Microsoft Microsoft enforcement action does not result in a console becoming unusable," said a spokesperson for Microsoft to GameSpot, which means that the consoles can still be used to play offline.

The spokesperson added that the suspensions that Microsoft could hand out might take a look at several factors, advising users that, to prevent their consoles and accounts from being suspended from Xbox Live, they should always follow the Terms of Use and the Code of Conduct for Xbox Live.

They got off lightly they got paid for testing the game, its not like they do it for free. For the most part Playstation fans reacted the right way to this news, like everything though you have idiots who view everything as a system war.

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d_g2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

totally agree sony fanboys always complaining about MS whether it’s wrong or right

the people who show Gears of War leak deserve this


i made this one for E3 :D

christocolus2387d ago

Lol. Nice one.I guess the bag is filled with games.

Philaroni2387d ago

This is important. Every year we hear how mad gamers get about E3 when stuff is 'leaked' then complain the event was not good. Marketers, Game Devs, And the publishers all spend a lot of time energy and $$ to build up for a reveal be it E3 or not. Leaks tend to take that thunder away, and just creates a circle of BS for everyone.

Ch1d0r12387d ago

Sony guy here. Glad they punished this guy. Gears is an awesome game, clearly a system seller in my book. And it sucks this idiot ruined what could have been an awesome E3 surprise. How dumb can this guy be? You're not suppose to share any footage and you know it's a big blockbuster title so just keep your mouth shut, right?

So the guy lost his job and ruined his reputation in the gaming industry. I don't think he got off lightly.

rainslacker2386d ago

I'm a Sony fan, a fan boy to some probably, and I can say that MS absolutely has to enforce this NDA. It's too big a leak to just let slide, and if they are enforcing it it means it's an actual leak.

this isn't some vague random insider rumour, but actual theft and distribution of copyrighted intellectual property, which could adversely effect MS if they weren't prepared to leak the footage, or it somehow screws up their marketing plans.

On the other hand, this was a beta test, and the 3rd party company doing it should have realized this would happen and taken better measures to prevent it....but the second you give out anything to non 1st party employees, it's going to be on internet.

In any case, if the NDA stated that they would have their accounts banned, or even implied it vaguely, if they broke the NDA, then they should get what they get. Public beta is a bit more lax, and leaks are expected, but not privately contracted betas where actual money exchanges hands.

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jackanderson19852387d ago

I think the bigger issue was that there was misinformed news being spread.

Blocking access to live and blocking consoles from live is nothing new. It happened last gen aswell. People just needed more crap to complain about

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Gwiz2387d ago

How can you spoil a remaster?It's a new enhanced more of the same.
Granted the NDA is something you know beforehand,but spoiling?.

mhunterjr2387d ago

Spoiled because the remaster wasn't confirmed to exist..:

Summons752387d ago

Please, it was all but confirmed. Worst kept secret ever.

Gazondaily2387d ago

Doesn't matter. Still leaked the existence of it.

SIMOIKIE2387d ago

I just want the game. It shouldn't be taking this long to bring gears remaster to XB1 either, with all the remakes they are pushing. I understand marketability and maximizing profits but they just need to do what's brought XB1 to be the ever-evoling machine it has been since launch by listening to the consumer feedback! I know E3 is not far off and is most likely the reveal but it gets really old waiting patiently for the inevitable when u could easily have the same hype with a confirmed appearance.

lunatic00012387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Why do people think this is wrong...those idiots VIOLATED an agreement between ms and violate the AGREEMENT... you pay the consequences...its simple

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