Jurassic World: The Game Cheats & Strategy Guide – 5 Essential Tips You Should Know

If you’re an Android user and you saw a title called Jurassic World: The Game, we hate to burst your bubble – the game we’re referring to is an iOS-only title. However, this new mobile title by Ludia is indeed based on the upcoming film Jurassic World, and in here you can get to revive over 50 different dinosaurs, while creating a futuristic theme park like what you’ll be seeing in the movie. You also get to meet all the film’s main characters as you grow your dinosaurs and maintain what the game calls “the most efficient and effective” dinosaur park out there. If this game is taking quite a bite out of your time, we have good news for you, as we’ve collected some Jurassic World: The Game cheats, tips and tricks to help you progress even further.

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