It's Time to Stop Hating on EA

Endsights writes:

"Some people just want to seem like rebels. Whether it's a supposed boycott of a company, or merely hating a company for the sake of hating it (of course the excuse is usually because that said company is "evil"), some people just need to hate something to love… well, something else. The logic doesn't make sense to me either, but it does to those who follow it.

EA is one of those companies. There are people out there that refuse to acknowledge EA as a good publisher. People that hate EA are like the people that hate Britney Spears. They honestly have no good reason to hate her, they just do, and the same thing goes for EA. But honestly, it's time to put an end to all the hatred towards EA."

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dannyhinote_133743d ago

Before anyone comes in and reports or comments that this is redundant--no. The Ripten article that has been posted to N4G is satire and this is not.

cp683743d ago

A great article written by ripten, if you have some time to kill then make sure to read it.

incogneato3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Serious or not, this article is ridiculous. I agree that some kiddies are just out to seem rebellious by hating on everything, but companies like EA absolutely deserve the hate. They are greedy, they purposely destroy competition or simply buy it, and they don't care about who they hurt so long as they can make a profit.

It is definitely NOT time to stop hating on EA.

unamed083743d ago

Exactly what i was about to say.

ChampIDC3743d ago

Yeah, incogneato hit the nail on the head. EA can't make up for years of foul play with a few good games.

tgh machines3742d ago

I think that Activision is now worse then EA for 2 reasons. The first reason is that Acticivision completely over prices GH dlc, its like $2.40 for 1 song as apposed to $1 for EA's Rock Band. Rock Band 2 will also be able to play all the DLC from rockband 1 but GH WT will not be able to play GH III's DLC. The second reason is that EA is charging $30 for Crysis Warhead. Activision also destroys their game brands by letting Neversoft make GH and Trearch make COD.

BattleAxe3742d ago

Battlefield: Bad Company is the latest reason to hate EA. If they don't come out with a patch for this game then I'm done buying their games.

The only game of theirs that I have truely enjoyed over the years is Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf and so I would make an exception for this game as nobody makes a better golf game.

xSHROOMZx3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

EA deserves hate more than Activision, why??? Oh lets see here, they want to charge you REAL money to buy add-ons in games that already can be unlocked by playing, or, !!TRY!! to make you HAVE to buy them in order to get them, what am I talking about? Battlefield:BC, if us users online and on tha web, wouldnt have complained about this, they wouldve made tha game that way.

And buying their competition because they make better games than EA, thats just down right blasphemus!


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pharmd3743d ago

its time for EA to stop makin sucky games before i stop hating them, see NCAA 09 issues....

gimme something worth my money EA

Destroyer2293743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

your 100% right EA needs to up there quality ALOT every FPS game i've gotten from them has has stupid world limits or very little interaction with anything for that matter. EA couldn't care less about the players all they have to do is make a piece of crap they have the nerve to call 'A video game' then sell it to a place like gamestop or best buy then there out of the circle they made all there cash selling it to the retail stores what happens after bestbuy or gamestop they couldnt' care less the discs could be broken and they'd still swim in cash.

cp683743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

DId you guys see how many games they showed at E3? Their lineup was ridiculously huge! All those games will turn out massive failures because they passed through EA's hands.

And once again, i'll post this:

Some people gave up, most actually, but others did not and certainly will not. thanks to mike seedon (the dude who started the orange box petition), i will continue fighting. The number of people fighting does not matter, it is the will that does. You just have to keep faith.

dannyhinote_133743d ago

Because they're big doesn't mean they're not a great publisher. They have some of the greatest games in the industry, but people just talk about every bad game they make.

It's like tearing Ubisoft a new one because they have "Petz" and ignoring No More Heroes, most of the games in their Tom Clancy series, Assassin's Creed, etc.

Every publisher has bad games--no reason to forget about the good because of the bad.

PwnShop3743d ago

Don't blame EA for all the sims crap, blame maxis. EA does have quality original games i mean look at Dead Space, also Valve has a strong partnership with EA which they say that they enjoy and valve is the most honest developer i know.

cp683743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

When a dev is working on a game, the first publisher he'll think of is's natural i think. But EA does not care at all about the quality of its products, and that is grave. The video game industry today has reached a luxurious state, that's why every penny we spend MUST be worth it.

Razzy3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

EA Should make a Brittney Spears game. ;)

brothersimon3743d ago

It might sell some ps3s. :O

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