Kombo: E3 2008: Killzone 2 Hands-On

Nathan Grayson writes:

As a highly-anticipated sci-fi FPS, Killzone 2 hopes to differentiate itself from the rest of the ridiculously large pack. Meanwhile, as a sequel, the game aims to find a firm grasp on the lofty ambitions that so narrowly slipped through the fingers of its PS2 predecessor

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Dark vader3746d ago

The only complaint about the game is it, being linear and the toned down A.i. But all the best fps games are linear.

Tmac3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Uh... Did you need read the dev conference about the toned down A.I. specifically for the event, so the press did not find it too difficult...

Thats why I find previews like this ridiculous. Thanks for listening to the devs kombo!

cyclindk3746d ago

The funny part about the AI being toned down for the press is, the press still REEEEALLY sucked at the game; constantly, gun sight hovering right on enemy head, then, suddenly move the sight off target and then choose to fire maybe hitting a leg or shin...god those press people suck.

Harry1903746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

it was actually the A.I of your companions that was toned downed because they were too damn good.
Anyway,what's up with the stupid A.I talk and same old same old comment in the preview.This is an FPS dammit,what sort of originality do they expect? Maybe they wish there car wheels were not round anymore but square. That would surely satisfy their need for originality.
If Killzone 2 is going to be judged this way,I demand that they do so for every FPS out there. Tell me how LeftDead,Half-Life3,Legendary, Halo,Medal of Honor,Call of Duty has different mechanics.

This preview was so generic,so so generic. It's as if they copied what they read on other sites 6 months ago. There I said i,your preview of the so called 'generic' game is a big piece of generic babble.

HeroOfCows3746d ago

I think, if I remember right, the enemy A.I. was toned down for E3, while the buddy A.I. was toned down for the final game.

Harry1903746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

thanks for the info. I was unaware of the part on toning down enemy A.I.

Anyway,who wants to play a game where the CPU can get a hang of all your moves and react instantly? Maybe other people want to,but I don't intend to spend 30 minutes trying to dispatch a squad of three enemies because they can hide and take headshots at me everytime like I can on them.

I don't really care how realistic it would be(the A.I) because it would not be practical at all.

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Vandan3746d ago

lol every fps is linear to say the least and what kind of crap is this ... that there is a barrel there and the developers are forcing u to shoot it

what they put a giun on ure head ... this is such crap I havnt played the game but i have a seen a lot of in game footage and it al looks good specialy the multiplayer looks to have a lot of options and gameplay mechanics going ....All i can hope is that these fanboys or god knows what i shud call them will be silenced once the game cmes out

wangdiddy823746d ago

Killzone 2 will own all..

Vahn163746d ago

@Vandan, I like how you read only a short section of the article, and managed to completely avert your eyes when it was explained why Killzone 2's particular brand of linearity is weak compared to that of games like Gears of War and Half-Life.

BlackIceJoe3746d ago

I am not sure what is so wrong if it is linear many games are and they still are great. Plus from what I have seen the game really does look great. Also Sony has a lot of people on this game other then just Guerrilla. They want to make sure KZ2 is an awesome game and not a mediocre one like this poster says. So I doubt Sony would let this game turn out bad. They know they have a lot ridding on it and from what has so far been shown KZ2 really looks great. If what the poster says is true in the end Sony and Guerrilla will iron out the problems and So I have high hopes for KZ2.

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