Voodoo Extreme: Rock Band 2 Hands-on

What's new in Rock Band 2? Besides a cubic assload of new music (500 songs by the end of the year they say including RB1 and DLC) it has an improved menu system, a new "Battle of the Bands" mode and fancy pants new instruments aplenty. The guitars have sexificated "wooden" (cough) grain necks, the buttons are easier to press and have smoothified action, plus the strum bars have been lubed up to perfection. The drum kits are crazy. The basic one is nice and all but the advanced system is almost like a real drum set. It has metal pedals, expandable cymbal sets, and everything seems really sturdy. Hell, if a real-life, hopped-up, death metal drummer walked in and saw you playing on them he might not punch you in the face for being on pansy-ass toy drums. They're really that cool.

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