Mobile Isn't The Future Of Gaming (And Consoles Aren't Either)

Forbes:"Konami, which is going through what one might describe as a tough time, is pivoting. After struggling to keep up with the Ubisofts and Activisions of the world, it’s decided that, the future of video games lies in mobile, and that’s where it’s going to spend its energy."

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2387d ago

I wanna be the optimistic one here and say VR is and hopefully soon after we get Full virtual reality diving tech. i.e. where we can move our consciousness.

mikeslemonade2386d ago

Mobile will be the future if we don't stop it. Like it is archaic to have big hardware. The future everything will be streamed.

However I don't want that to happen. I'm old fashion and I admit it but I prefer it "this way". There will be more hardcore AAA games if we don't resort to mobile and streaming.

Ike_Broflovski2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Konami are on of the largest builders and programmers of poker machines in the world.

Konami is primarily a gambling company.

Mobile "gaming" is primarily gambling for children. That's is why Konami have made this move. There is far more money in gambling than there is in gaming.

There is very little money in comparison when making masterpiece games, they take years and years to make and have comparatively small returns compared to gambling. Konami licences out individual poker machines for over 1 million per machine.

Mobile gaming needs to die. It isn't gaming at all. It's just sudo gambling for children and the less intelligent amongst us.

Konami are where they belong now, doing scum work. Kojima is now free to join or form a much better team not headed by greedy twats.

3-4-52386d ago

20 years from now we will still have consoles, PC, handheld, mobile & VR.

jc485732387d ago

when will developers realize that their job is change the way or rather convince consumers to play their games.

INTOmyMOUTH2386d ago

Time to bring back board games.

StrayaKNT2386d ago

Consoles will always be preferred to game on imo

NuggetsOfGod2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

That's the masses for ya. Lame as always.

In 20 years 4k 30fps will be here!

poor_cus_of_games2385d ago

And you still won't have matured.

deathtok2386d ago

"The future of gaming is gaming."

Hot take!

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The story is too old to be commented.