Galactic Civilizations III Review | IGN

In Galactic Civilizations 3, I first saw Earth as a pale blue dot. Not as the image of serenity and fragility that so captivated Carl Sagan back in 1990, but as a blip on my intergalactic map that popped up as the fog of war surrounding Mars and Saturn cleared. I was the leader of the orc-like Drengin Empire, a rough bunch prone to chomping on other sentient beings, and it signaled that we had some conquering to do. In future playthroughs, I would woo the Terrans with trade and treaties in the guise of different civilizations, and the existence of those options is of course welcome. But I relished in taking my blue home world by conquest, and that was the first big sign that GalCiv III gets the basics of exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating so right.

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