Reality Check - How Is The Witcher 3 So Huge?

Impressed by the minimal number of loading screens in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Lucy investigates how games developers use tech and brain smarts to make open-world games.

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theXtReMe11252d ago

While I appreciated the video, it is too casual friendly to be informative. I want to hear the technical details of how the streaming engine works and how it forgoes the usual pitfalls that even some of the best games couldnt. Like draw in and shadow pop. The Witcher 3s LOD seems to have dozens of states to pull from. Allowing it to slowly fade detail into the scene without the player noticing it. There isnt the normal line in the sand that you can see 10 or 15 feet in front of you where low and high detail meet. Whatever this games engine is doing, needs to be shared with the rest of the development community, so LOD draw and pop become a thing of the past.

Nothing takes me out of a game world more, then to have objects pop into existence just feet in front of me. Something CD Projekt Red has seemingly solved with their latest and greatest title.

Allsystemgamer1251d ago

There is SOME pop in but it's isually objects hidden behind dense foliage which fades in. I really don't notice it unless I look for it. I have the ps4 version and man is it great.

thorstein1251d ago

Bloodborne is also huge. Maybe they are using similar tech.

die_fiend1251d ago

Bloodborne wasn't that big in size really. Very detailed and intricately designed but witcher 3 is going to make that world look small by comparison

Bansai1251d ago

Bloodborne was a fantastic game but it wasn't huge.

MrCherry1251d ago

Not as big as the witcher3, a good size but after the size and context put into witcher3 bloodborne is not even half the size, look up the map/size biger thin skyrim,GTA, ext.

Haru1251d ago

Bloodborne wasn't as big as this, but it looked a lot better than The witcher 3 graphics wise

Irishguy951251d ago

Art wise...preference, graphics wise, not a hope

zsquaresoff1251d ago

It took a p*nis enlargement pill. Thats why.

Clown_Syndr0me1251d ago

Been playing this all day (thanks gamestop uk). It's awesome. So much do it, haven't even finished my first hunt yet as so easy to get sidetracked!

WCxAlchemist1251d ago

How is elder scrolls oblivion so huge? Released in 2006 on last gen console with way less ram/power of current gen systems. So my question is why a9yr old game with inferior gpu/cpu able to do more than "next gen" games with 2,3,4 times the power