Why Microsoft Corporation DirectX 12 Might Even The Console War Against Sony Corp (ADR)

Sony Corp. (NYSE:SNE) might have admitted defeat on the smartphone front, with the company recently announcing plans to wind down operations in order to focus on their other portfolios, which experience a greater return on investment. Sony is the undisputed king when it comes to gaming consoles, with its main competitors being Microsoft Corp.'s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox and PC.

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nicksetzer11256d ago

Business statistic firms really have terrible track records on their "predictions." I would hardly call this any reason to believe DX12 is going to turn the tide.

Few issues:
1. We don't know the exact effect DX12 will have with Xbox One
2. DX12 alone is hardly enough to change things around
3. PS4 still has better hardware, so eventually PS4 will become the more powerful console once again if DX12 does temporarily give XB1 the advantage.

These business sites should stick to just that, business.

Bigpappy1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Your first 'issue': " We don't know the exact effect DX12 will have with Xbox One", I agree with. Your 2 others are equivalent to what you are accusing this articles of. They also contradict the first.

If "We don't know the exact effect DX12 will have with Xbox One", how can you then say: "DX12 alone is hardly enough to change things around" or " PS4 still has better hardware, so eventually PS4 will become the more powerful console once again if DX12 does temporarily give XB1 the advantage."

I am not say you are right or wrong in your prediction. I am just pointing out that you don't know what DX12 will do, and are doing the same as you criticize the article of.

@ SpaceRanger: I that the article is making assumptions, but it show how the main stream media reports on stuff as fact without truly knowing the result (as 'nicksetzer1' pointed out).

SpaceRanger1256d ago

They write the article as if Xbox is the only console that can get updates in terms of performance. A detailed analysis of both for future efficiency would be better than the article they have right now. But you're right, we don't know. As of right now it's just assumptions from a lot of PR talk.

PC so far is the only thing we've seen utilize DX12. We've yet to see any Xbox utilization. But I'm sure that will change soon.

mikeslemonade1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Nick, you're finally speaking the truth now however I will disagree anyway because of your constant irritation and false claims prior to this.

And DX12 is reported going to have a 20% boost. And the math is 900p at 20% more is 1080p. So congratulations, it theoretically only brings the X1 to PS4's power. Also PS4 is constantly being optimized by their own thing too.

We don't need the exact effect because it's gonna be a "marginal increase". Whether it's 15% or 25% it really doesn't matter. X1 will be able to play 1080p better.

BG115791256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

First : 900p + 20% doesn't equal 1080p. You need 33% more to equal 1080p...
Second : This doesn't simply work that way, 20% more of what? Processing power, but from what? CPU, GPU or both? And does this includes the Xbone? I'm one of those that still is sceptical about statistic numbers being throwing like that. 50% of the people know that(/s) (A Simpsons homage there). I rather see the results (real results made and obtained by comparing between multiplats).

Kal0psia1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Point is at the end of the day it's developers. It's like PC it's potential has always been gimped by slow advancements in API (software), while the hardwars have been increasing significantly the past decade. Developers along with DirecX 12 will define a new generation in game devlopment. This will be shared with Xbox One also since coding with either platforms will be more intimate.

Also I agree somewhat with the last paragraph of the articles. Expecting a new trend with Microsoft this gen collaborating with third-party developers to create new exclusive IPs on Xbox one and PC. Won't be surprised to see new third party developers (Square Enix?) at E3, we already seen this with Insomniac and Platinum Studios more to come in my opinion. ;D

GenuineGamer1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )


It doesn't work like that. As a PC gamer i can tell you keeping all graphical settings at the same level and simply upping the resolution slightly isn't as taxing as people on here would think. 1920x1080 to 4k is one thing, but a small bump from 1600x900 to 1920x1080 isn't exactly a huge leap.

With devs having issues getting native 1080 on some titles with xbo is all down to bandwidth management and various other development hurdles. The hardware is more than capable.

MS are giving devs a new API for eSRAM with dx12, this along with dx12 features and better/new updated engines that can properly take advantage of the hardware will see xbo show its true colors.

GNM on ps4 already manages bandwidth/tasks cpu cores ect much better than dx11 is capable of doing, so there is an instant advantage for ps4 regardless of hardware.

Xbox One is at a disadvantage in this regard, so any improvements xbox one will gain from dx12 will most likely even things out. Its not a case of ps4 getting the same features later and keeping a lead over xbox. Because ps4 already has features that dx12 will bring to xbox.

nicksetzer11255d ago

@big pappy no contradiction, I think you just misinterpret what I am saying.

With 2:
I am saying improved capability alone, will not make Xbox One the winner. I mean I guess it could, but doubt it. The good thing is microsoft it doing ALOT right, so they aren't just putting all their eggs in the DX12 basket. They are delivering on features, games, and social interactivity as well.

With 3: I am saying that eventually the PS4 WILL be more optimised as well, making it once again the more powerful machine. That is how coding works, it doesn't just stagnate. So assuming tgat XB1 does become more powerful with DX12 it will not be permanent.

My point is, Xbox has much more to offer than a slight res boost. This article seems to think otherwise.

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SpaceRanger1256d ago

Finally someone understands! If they want to talk about video games they should stick to what they know, sales and business.

An article talking about how sales are important and influence greater developer support for a larger fanbase, would be a much better business analysis from them compared to trying to assume and explain what they think DX12 will do. Their last sentence was literally the only business aspect they could take away from their assumption on DX12.

AngelicIceDiamond1256d ago

Certain things you said don't add up.

"PS4 still has better hardware, so eventually PS4 will become the more powerful console"

Its already a more capable console.

"once again if DX12 does temporarily give XB1 the advantage."

DX12 will eventually stop giving X1 a performance boost?

Don't get what your saying.

nicksetzer11255d ago

Wow, are you being purposefully ignorant? You even specifically split my comment up just to be more confusing?

"PS4 still has better hardware, so eventually PS4 will become the more powerful console once again if DX12 does temporarily give XB1 the advantage."

THAT was my statement, and it is as clear as it gets. IF XB1 become the more capable machine due to DX12, it will be temporary, as the PS4 is more powerful and the optimization for the console will eventually make it the most capable again.

It is almost as if you are being "confused" just for the sake of having somethijg to disagree with.

otherZinc1255d ago

Forza Motorsport 5 is still the only :
1080p 60fps AAA Exclusive Next-generation console game in the entire world! That's performance!

As for multiplatform games, Windows 10 & DirectX 12 will he the lazy developers reach the level of M$s AAA Exclusive Games like Forza Motorsport 5.

BG115791255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

You forgot all of the Nintendo AAA games....
Because you know deep inside that if you incluse FM, you have to takebin consideration all of the WiiU games.

wegetsignalx1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

PS4 has exclusive 1080p 60 fps games. PS4's hardware is superior to X1. All PS4 exclusives would have to be downgraded to run on X1, all X1 exclusives could be upgraded if ported to PS4. You are wrong.

The only reason Forza 5 runs at 1080p 60 fps is because it looks like an upressed Xbox 360 game with larger textures.

Driveclub would have to be downgraded to run on the inferior X1 hardware, while Forza 5 could be upgraded on PS4, like better AA or visual effects.

Insulting hard working multiplatform developers as "lazy" because they can't make inferior X1 hardware perform as well as superior PS4 hardware is sad.

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GenuineGamer1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Xbox one struggles on older engines. It was made for dx12 and needs engines that support its unique hw features to get the best out of it. Ps4 is simple unified architecture, easy to get power from and gnm is extremely efficient. Now xbox one is crippled by running dx11 or 9 and current engines don't fully support its hardware, and its still producing results right up there with ps4. That says a lot. Xb1 needs dx12 and better updated engines to really shine. Its next gen tech which is why there are NDA in effect regarding its gpu. Just because ps4 has more compute units does not automatically make it more powerful. Its all how in the design of the chip and how it all works together in harmony.

OrangePowerz1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

I don't know where you get this tgat X1 struggles on older engines and needs DX12 engines, but that's just wrong. That's not how game development works.

There are NDAS in effect for everything in the industry, but sure let's spin it in a way that makes it look like they have NDAs because it's a super awesome mega GPU.

OrangePowerz1255d ago

"DirectX 12 will unleash the true power of the Xbox One, having previously been held back by its age old API’s understanding in how to use multiple cores and threads simultaneously."

That is factually incorrect since developers don't rely on the API, they have their own code to circumvent shortcomings of the API. If yiu talk about PC yes sure that would apply, but console games are coded to use as much performance as possible and if parts of the API prevent them from doing so they will code the game in a way to get around it because it's one single hardware configuration unlike PC where you have an infinite amount of configurations and can't do that.

Also Sony isn't winding down their mobile business. It's one of the parts that is doing well and they got a setady increase in market share over the last few years with more and more people getting Xperia phones.

phantomxll1255d ago

Yup. Nkw 10 people have Xperia phones in the entire US.