Opinion – Now Is The Best Time To Get (Back) Into Destiny

GI:"Since its launch in September of last year, Destiny has become one of the most polarizing experiences in gaming. Whether it’s due to the fact that the people who do love it do so passionately or unapologetically, or simply the fact that it wasn’t the type of shooter they thought it would be going in, the game gets a lot of vitriol thrown its way. No matter the side you fall on, Destiny evokes a strong response whenever it is discussed in gaming circles. I count myself among those who optimistically tried Destiny before quickly falling out of love with the experience and moving on. I’m here to tell you that now is the perfect time to start playing."

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RJ920091254d ago

After the witcher 3 that might be a long time now that I think about it...

thekhurg1254d ago

The other problem about trying to get back now is how far behind the gear curve you are. I stopped playing before the 1st expansion and when I tried it out a while back it felt like I was starting over again due to the addition of the new way to farm expansion gear.

There really is never a "best time" to get BACK into an online game like this, unless playing catch up is something you find enjoyable.

RJ920091254d ago

Lucky for me I did corto raid way back when it first lunched but now I'm wicherfred. Man it's only Saturday first time in my life anyone well hear me say God I can't wait tell Monday..

bananaboats1254d ago

Honestly there is no gear curve. Gear is easy enough to get that you wont be far behind anyone. Somebody can start destiny for the 1st time right now and in 2 weeks be caught up to everyone. So anytime is a good time.

Now try getting back into WoW after not playing for almost 5 years.

RECONshift1254d ago

Same... I don't know if I'll ever pick Destiny back up again.. I'm still ashamed at how many pointless hours I put into the game with very little to show for it.

Toiletsteak1254d ago

Nah there is too many other amazing games coming out.

objdadon1254d ago

None better than destiny

rezzah1253d ago

The thing that holds Destiny together is the enjoyment of playing with friends, many other games do this but do not rely on it.

pompombrum1254d ago

Correction, now is the best time to get back into Destiny if you're not into fantasy games/rpgs.

Stapleface1254d ago

Apples and oranges. I don't think I'll ever limit myself to playing just one game at a time. For me, both is the best scenario. I'll be over loaded with new stuff to do this week.

maybelovehate1254d ago

I love fantasy games, I love RPG's. But I will be playing Destiny come Tuesday. Main reason is that there are no persistent worlds in Witcher 3 that I need to keep up with. Whether I play Tuesday or in July it will still be the same experience.

Stapleface1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Yes, it is because the loot cave is practically back so if your trying to play catch up, you can load up on stuff pretty quick. All legendary gear can reach the max level once HOW hits. So it's not like you have to grind raids any more and hope for specific armor drops.

BallsEye1254d ago

Nah, I got season pass and won't even try it. All the same, few new NPC's to grind rep for.
Witcher already pre-loaded. Elder Scrolls Online 3 weeks later.

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The story is too old to be commented.