9th Gen Console Gaming: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft

GamerBolt: "Are we heading towards a 9th Gen console gaming situation? The answer is probably a massive yes."

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Tzuno1251d ago

Consoles need to go on par with PC next gen and allow cross play with all platforms for a huge multiplayer experience.

ninsigma1251d ago

On par with what type of pc?? There are different levels of power on pc And pc can then be improved, parity would be very difficult.

TFJWM1251d ago

Console are already "on par" with PCs. If you mean high end gaming PCs it will never happen. Xbox1 and PS4 are better then 70% if not 80% of PCs.

Gwiz1251d ago

Depends on what PC's you are referring to,i would say gaming PC's obviously.In that case,no.I think people underestimate how many game PC's are actually performing above 1080p 30fps.Definitely not 70/80% below that performance.

Christopher1251d ago

***Are we heading towards a 9th Gen console gaming situation?***

Not for another 5 years. Remember when people were saying the same thing last generation in only the 2nd year of the consoles? How did that turn out?

KeplerNoMore1251d ago

This gen will end by 2018-2019 so thats like 3-4 years from now, and thats because studios have yet to use DX12/GNMX, which should give both consoles even more performance (20-30% for DX12, yet to be announced for GNMX). Keep in mind that Xbox1 currently works with DX11.3 and PS4 works with GNM, so we are yet to witness proper next gen from these 2.

Brettman20081251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

I think PS4 and Xbox One will be replaced about 2020 with them being supported for a few more years after that.

1251d ago
Sitdown1251d ago

That has nothing to do with when a new console would come out, but how long the console is supported.

wonderfulmonkeyman1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Nintendo's NX due, at the earliest, in late 2017, which would be the end of the standard 5 year cycle.
However, they've mentioned that it's not going to completely replace the Wii U, making me believe it may be some sort of device that hooks up to the Wii U to expand its capabilities.
Given the fact that they said, long ago, that the Wii U is upgrade-able, that would make sense, and I, for one, would be interested to see such a thing...

This might be a bit simplistic, but I imagine it would function like an evolved form of the N64's Expansion Pack.

Concertoine1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Making an attatchment to the the worst selling console since the dreamcast is not their next course of action. They aren't idiots. The wii u doesn't even have a slot so that it can sit on an attachment,it would have to be some thing daisy chained to it via USB which looks dumb

They tried this with the 64DD (by far the worst selling thing they've ever made at 10,000 units), and with the famicom disc drive. They've seen sega crash and burn with attachments. NX is not an attachment.

Honestly i hope them saying "NX isn't replacing them" is just PR, because that makes it sounds unconventional as hell and more of that could kill them. Plus they can barely support 2 platforms, nonetheless 3.

DC7771251d ago

It depends on sales not some made up life cycle time line.

wonderfulmonkeyman1251d ago

If that were true, the PS2 would still be in production.XD

DC7771251d ago

So would Wii lol. But obviously Dev needs come into play at some point.

Right now Wii U sales will be lucky to top 12 mil by the time "NX" arrives. Unless something catches fire.

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