Why I'm Kicking My Amiibo Habit

Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't skeptical when Amiibo were first announced, but once I got my hands on them I was hooked. I rushed to the store and bought the entire first wave. As time has passed, my love for Nintendo's toys to life figures severely waned and now I am in the position of selling my collection. Let's take a look at why I had a change of heart."

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OzzY-waZZy1256d ago

Because you'd like to appear less of a man child?

wonderfulmonkeyman1256d ago

That's not a very mature statement.

xwilldemise1255d ago

What with the disagrees? It's true what this guy says! It's embarrassing for a full grown adult to go ape $h1t & out of his way for these pathetic things!

MeteorPanda1256d ago

congratulations for becoming more responsible with your money!

Summons751256d ago

Has nothing to do with money responsibility. I make sure I have all my bill and rent money in a separate account and still have extra spending cash I use yo buy Amiibo, games, or take my other half out to dinner. If you really wanted to make that argument then you might as well stop spending money on games.

MeteorPanda1256d ago

Of course you can, you can also spend your money on crack on the side if you wanted to with your argument. It doesn't change the fact this non retailer price hike that people seem okay with paying a bad choice to invest in.

If you're hunting down amiboos and the price doesn't bother you..guess what? You're too old for them and you're part of the problem where kids can't even get their favourite characters cause some 20-50 year old wants to have figurines that do nothing for resell value.

Summons751256d ago

They aren't JUST for kids, they are for any gamer who wants to collect something or add more to their game. Sure the stocking issues have been a problem but no one is forcing people who buy from scalpers to buy at those ridiculous prices. I refuse to spend more then they are at the store but like ANY COLLECTABLE they have value and people want to be apart of that. Again "You're too old for them" well you are also too old for video games but no one is complaining about that now are they? How is it a bad investment if the buyer is 1) getting something out of them, if that be collecting them because they are a fan or they are wanting to add to their game, or so be it sell it and make a profit and 2) Still making sure they pay bills/rent/loans/get food.

It seems your just mad because of the stocking issues which is reasonable but your whole argument is ridiculous.

JamesBondage1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

I STILL don't understand the obsession behind the amiibos, or what the heck they even are.. are they just figurines?

MeteorPanda1256d ago

figurines that may do something for the games they are in... The problem is their supply which has caused this craze.

People are taking advantage of the adult child impulse buyer more then anything has made this a shocking phenomenon

Xaphy1256d ago

For the price offered I might never buy one

wonderfulmonkeyman1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Got two of them a while back, Link and Shulk, and they've already paid for themselves several times over in in-game rewards. Hyrule Warriors, especially.
They're worth it, IMO.
However, I'm not gonna go nuts on them.
The only other one I currently want is Zelda, and maybe Sheik.
After that, I probably won't be getting any more of them.


Unless Nintendo makes Skell Amiibo. (Skells are the mechs in Xenoblade Chronicles X)
I would be ALL OVER some Skell Amiibo.

MeteorPanda1256d ago

l have xenoblade..shulk just gives you coins, coins you get for free from walking with your ds :/

I'm all for buying one or two to have as yeah, most of us grew up with them but...this is ridiculous as the market is now. Thank god my favourite character is Yoshi XD

wonderfulmonkeyman1256d ago

In Hyrule Warriors, Shulk can net me rare Gold materials that usually take me time and lots of luck to drop, on top of tons of rupees.
And I always use him in Smash, far better than normal CPU's.

N4g_null1255d ago

Im not terribly needing the amiibos but if one I want shows up ill get it. Otherwise hunting for them and paying more than retail is just silly. The skell amiibo would be beyond awesome though. They would cost over 100 or close to that since that is what toys/model like that usually run you for. The splatoon one are pretty cool too.

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