Black Ops 3 Release Date Announced, Comes With A Twist

The next Call of Duty video game—Black Ops 3—will launch on November 6th, Activision has confirmed—a Friday.

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OrangePowerz1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

In the UK we usually get games Thursdays unless it's a big world wide release and DvD/Blu Ray movies on Friday. Friday isn't a bad idea since people have the weekend to play instead of having to wait till the weekend.

Palitera1253d ago

But it also means that an one day shipping delay equals to a whole weekend.

HAC5221253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

i think if you pre-order through amazon, they ship it 2 days prior so it arrives at your doorstep on the morning/afternoon of launch day.

that was the guarantee i got when i placed my order for my ps4 shortly after E3 a couple years back. it arrived the same day it launched.

Chevalier1253d ago

It's highly unlikely there will be a delay. We always get our copies well in advance. We always have them over a week in advance.

pompombrum1253d ago

Where are you buying your games from that delivers on Thursday? Friday has always been our main release day. ShopTo used to ship games Wednesday under the logic that royal mail claims first class can take up to 2 days to deliver however last few preorders have shipped on Thursday.

DOMination-1253d ago

Absolute tosh. Games release on fridays in the UK

RosweeSon1253d ago

Games in the U.K have always been released on a Friday. Most companies ship the product by Tuesday/Wednesday, normally turns up Thursday/Friday, some companies ship earlier than others but the games themselves are released on a Friday. Unless it's tied into a worldwide and we may get a game on a Tuesday.
Movies are normally Monday's as well as new music however I believe this is being changed but normally films were Monday, unless we're talking Cinema releases which are normally Friday's also, here in the U.K anyway.

bestofthebest1253d ago

They should have just left it as a Tuesday release they are basically delaying it 3 days. It would have been better on nov 3