PSN Suffering Connectivity Issues, Not Affecting Everyone

The PSN is currently having some connectivity problems.


Update - The PlayStation Network seems to be regaining stability, though there are still a fair few unable to login to the PSN.

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TheRealHeisenberg1880d ago

Down for me on the East Coast.

Nitrowolf21880d ago

I'm logged in before it happened, but i can't log into the web browser site. dam, really wanted to pick up some games from the flsh sale

TheRealHeisenberg1880d ago

Same here. Was looking to get the Mass Effect Trilogy.

FamilyGuy1880d ago

I was logged in playing Desiny on PS4 and it started lagging really bad, then kicked me to orbit, then to the start screen and wouldn't let me back in. I thought it was my net so I reset the router and then I couldn't even sign back in PSN whatsoever -_-

Got on my PS3 and signed in, started downloading the Destiny update, it finished then kicked me offline too.

No psn for me on PS3 or PS4 and I'm in Cali -_-

If it's hackers they must hate Destiny.

jocomat91880d ago

i was logged in but got kicked off.

Alexander1Nevermind1880d ago

I'm in WDC. East Coast is definitely down

Death1880d ago

Ahh, that explains why Spotify isn't working for me. Oddly I can log into the store though.

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JoGam1880d ago

This is why we shouldn't negotiate with terrorist. I mean hackers.

BG115791880d ago

They should be called Spammers, because that's all they do.
Looks like to be working here in Europe.

Tetsujin1880d ago

I'm in the mid west and it's down here. I'm online however can't load Warframe or the store.

WildArmed1880d ago

Same, mid-west.

I just went to pick up my niece... and when i came back and booted my PS4... No connection :(

I knew I shouldn't have put it on standby. Sinister chalices aren't nearly as fun when people aren't invading you!

robtion1880d ago

Down for me in Australia :(

KonaSquid1880d ago

Hmm, MS wins NPD, PSN goes down. Strange how stuff like this always happens in succession.

joab7771880d ago

It's absurd. One night to play before I leave and can't play BB. Damn

joab7771880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

It just said could not verify my plus staus. I hope we didn't get our shit taken.

On the store it says my membership is good til June 7th. But online it says it's expired. Wtf

HaveAsandwich1880d ago

Some? its been down completely in central fl for hours now. wtf.

xActionBasturdx1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

It weird cause I can get on Netflix but can't play online

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gangsta_red1880d ago

Supposedly Lizard Squad is claiming they did this.

Christopher1880d ago

What wouldn't they claim, though? They're all about getting attention.

ion6661880d ago

Whoever it is ihope they receive a BJ from a hungry F'n shark.

Mega241880d ago

They are like ISIS, a guy farts in a mall and they take credit for biological terrorism. Let the kids be, don't give them attention.

user74029311880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

playing battlefield 4 on psn right now on the west coast with a friend on the east coast

EjWarrior1880d ago

if you close the game of turn off your ps4 cant play anymore

Sniperwithacause1880d ago

That's not the case for me. I've turned my ps4 off 3 times already since 1 o'clock and it's now 10pm and everything is working properly.

Sniperwithacause1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Well PSN has made an ass out of me.
Signed me out,then says it is emailing me instructions to change my password for security reasons. Sorry.

AC2020x1880d ago

Can't connect for me on the East Coast. Dang, I really needed some help with bloodborne. :(

WildArmed1880d ago

And I wanted to be invaded :( Such sad times...

dRanzer1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Just finish download witcher 3 and two min later i was out from psn

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