How Does The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Look and Run on PS4?

Push Square: "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been bathed in critical acclaim over the last week or so, but one question that continues to pop up around the web concerns the game's performance on the PlayStation 4. Various reviews from other publications state that there are noticeable frame rate issues, and that bugs and glitches rear their ugly heads on occasion. Of course, no one wants to play a title that doesn't run very well on the console of their choice – it's frustrating and equally upsetting to think that a product that you've paid for doesn't operate as well as it should. Fortunately, we've now spent hours upon hours in Geralt's shoes, exploring every nook and cranny of the open world map and slaying any beast that dared to cross our path. As a result, we'd like to think that we know how The Witcher 3 handles on Sony's new-gen console."

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tuglu_pati2390d ago

"...the game can't quite stick to its 30 frames-per-second target is somewhat disappointing..."

That's a bit disappointing, hopefully is not too bad.

zsquaresoff2390d ago

CDPR said that the frame rate issue will be patched by the official release of the game.

AstroCyborg2389d ago

thats what happens when sony forces 1080p over a smooth framerate

finbars752389d ago

If you had read what Cd Red had announced a week ago they said there will be a day one patch to fix everything but as usual you guys jump the gun on everything on n4g. The game will be fine once the patch is released. Please make sure you read all the info before posting.

AstroCyborg2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

i don't blame cd i blame sony for forcing 1080p which hurts the framerate & gotta love how a sony fanboy site is saying the fps drops are minor when they are major

CernaML2389d ago

Sony didn't force Anything. If you're going to be a fanboy at least wait until Digital Foundry does their analyses. Right now you'd better pray the Xbox One version runs smoother.

Studio-YaMi2389d ago

Want some nuts with that salt?

MasterCornholio2389d ago

He's got nuts?

Yeah I can imagine that would be true because he sure is nutty.

Ricegum2389d ago


Oh god, it seems we have a new fanboy on N4G. Or just another multiple account.

Raider692389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

If after a face off the Xbox one gets better framerate i bet hell will break loose to some fanboys. Thank god i can choose .

Allsystemgamer2389d ago

So if Sony forces 1080p why is bf4 900p?

Boom you loose.

Go eat some double A batteries like your controller.

Repjaws2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Okay,that was funny lol.+Bubbles

the_dark_one2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

the fact that you use "sony fanboy" makes you lose all your credibility as a opinion giver, same goes for those who use "xbox fanboy" or "pc fanboy", your are just giving and opinion that sony is at fault but you forget that BF4 and Hardline is in fact 900p on ps4, so if CD Projekt decided to make game at 1080p it was their decision alone and not forced by sony, any way we have seen many cases where games on ps4 with higher resolution had the same performance and many times better then xbox one at 900p

CernaML2389d ago

LOL Did you PM everyone else who left their rebuttal?
If Sony forced 1080p on all games then explain why the following games are sub1080p on the PS4:
Battlefield 4
Battlefield Hardline
Assassins Creed Unity
EA Sports UFC
Watch Dogs

Quite a few games there. You can even argue that The Order 1886 isnt full 1080p. Expalin that. Oh wait, you cant. Again, youd better pray the X1 version with its dynamic resolution gives it a better frame rate.

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OB1Biker2389d ago

'Various reviews from other publications state that there are noticeable frame rate issues, and that bugs and glitches...'
That was before day 1 patch as devs were kind enough to give early review copies it seems but people always complain anyway

weirdo2389d ago

looks identical to pc, and runs at 30fps. sorted! :)