CD Projekt RED removes "PS4 vs PC" Comparison Video, Details Differences Between These Platforms

A couple of hours ago, PCGamesHardware shared a video comparison between the PC and the PS4 versions of The Witcher 3. However, CD Projekt RED got in touch with the German website and removed the video at CD Projekt RED’s request. CD Projekt RED’s ‘Marcin Momot’ revealed this information, and shed some light between the differences between the game’s PC and PS4 builds.

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Am-No-Hero1304d ago

your PC was not ready after CD Project Red removed the video :)

Bobby Kotex1303d ago ShowReplies(3)
Meltic1303d ago

The thing is that the game looks better now than Before. Before everyting looked fishy... and i mean like black and White with colour. Now the game have more colour and it looks fenomenal. Cant wait to play the best game out there this year.

Vegamyster1303d ago

The games art style was more inline with the Witcher 2's which looked great.

Erik73571303d ago

Art style wise?YEs

Technically? It took a 1000 steps backward's

Honestly they knew they wouldn't be able to do what they showed 3 years ago and have it launch on Xbox one and ps4. They knew they were lieing to pc gamers and doing it to create fake hype for their watchdoged downgraded game.

WonderboyIII1302d ago

4 years, next gen, advanced hardware and we have this:


shotime971303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

I have a fx 8350 and a 290x lighting and I still don't think mine is ready

Alexander1Nevermind1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

FX 8350 and a EVGA GTX 970 SSC. I may not be ready I pre-ordered for PS4 and will get it on PC on a later date.

Ike_Broflovski1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

AMD there's your problem.

If you didn't cheap out in the first place and spent the extra $100ish on a better Intel CPU you would be fine with that GPU.

Never buy AMD CPU's anymore, ever.

They just don't cut it. AMD still on 32 nm in AM3+ socket and 28nm in FM2+ socket. Meanwhile Intels next lot will be in 10-12nm will the current 4th gen are in 22nm. AMD run hotter and louder and chew at least 100% more power per performance cycle. Even though the new AMD CPU clocks out to 4.5ghz it is still killed by a much cheaper, cooler, quieter, more energy efficient Intel i5 midrange.

AMD will probably exit the desktop CPU market in the next few years, mark my words.

shotime971302d ago

okay ike I wont buy amd wow your full of it! you know just cuz u said all that when amd puts out there new line of cpus im gonna buy one. I like amd and I have had really good luck with there cpu/gpu's so I will continue to support them. every one has the right to buy/like what they want. and all the intel fan boy's saying amd are junk just look up tek syndicate video/benchmark amd fx8350 vs intel's i5. oh and buy the way I know I can run the game. And competition between intel and amd is a good thing it drives technology and amd help's stop price gouging/ high prices. and there is a diffrince between a fan boy and intel fans the latter of the two use there head and act civil and know both companies have there strong points. like amd is cheeper to buy and are bad ass for content creation a.k.a youtube and intel cpus have better single core performance and are usually a little faster in game's . and really at the end of the day where all using are pc's for the the same thing ...playing games

WonderboyIII1303d ago

your 2k pc is ready to play it like a ps4. Sell that PC and buy all consoles. You will get more fun with console exclusives. PC is dead.

specialguest1303d ago

Nope, don't want to join the 30fps 900p club

WonderboyIII1302d ago

I have a PC and not consoles. Trust me, the cost of the SLI/CF GPUS is not worth it.

magiciandude1303d ago

@Bobby Kotex

At the sight of the amazing visuals.

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Grap1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

“Regarding the comparion video, unfortunately we don’t know how this video was created and what PC settings have been used. It compared an early PC version with a PS4 debug build without the day 1 patch. So it’s quite an uncommon basic setting. Something went wrong here and therefore we spoke to the editorial team behind it – we both agreed something is not quite right and while we’re figuring out what mistake has been made, we have removed the video. We do admit it looked pretty wonky, hence its removal.”

don't just read titles for god sake.

Vegamyster1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

There is a screenshot of one of the devs in the article saying the PC version will have visual Fidelity comparable to the VGX trailer:

The gameplay on Youtube that claims to be Ultra settings definitely doesn't look as good as the VGX trailer.


Ultra footage

I already have the game pre-loaded and think the game still looks great but if there is graphics options that haven't been released yet then just show us, it doesn't need to be a surprise.

kraenk121303d ago

It's fishy to believe one can objectively judge the differences with a compressed YouTube video.

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Revolver_X_1304d ago

Well, I do gotta respect the timely response. Good for CDPR.

zsquaresoff1304d ago ShowReplies(13)
BattleAxe1304d ago

"Details Differences Between These Platforms"

The differences are that the PC version looks better, sheesh.... /thread

_-EDMIX-_1303d ago

Not really why one would want to know this. Its based on wanting to know buy how much. Having a better GPU doesn't just mean a game will look like real life on it. Its based on the engine and the team. ie the game on high on PC might be equal to who it looks on PS4 and XONE. Which would mean any better on PC would be pretty small.

Now that is not saying thats the case with this game, merely that very much can be with any game depending on the engine and the teams focus. Gamers clearly want to know this not just based on "better" by default PC would be better no questions asked, it has to do with wanting to how MUCH! Is it worth getting a new gpu? oooor is PS4 or XONE the easier route?

I own a gaming PC and I'm getting this on PS4 just due to the settings on PC being something I would have to upgrade quite a bit to play even on modest settings.

My HD 5770 clearly won't handle this game like my PS4 will. But....if those comparisons showed something else, I may be getting it on PC.

It again has nothing to do with "better" it really has to do with by how much. I'm ok getting the PS4 version knowing how demanding it is and how close it is to the PC version in terms of base quality.

Mind you, I'm use to buying my series based on system, ie I own all of Mass Effect series on PC, I own the first 2 Witcher's on PC, but because of what I've seen with the 3rd, i'm just getting it on PS4. The PC version looks good...but not THAT good that I MUST upgrade to get a quality version. Just cause I can "play" Witcher 3 on PC, doesn't mean it will be to the HIGHEST quality. One must factor that just because it will be the BEST on PC, doesn't mean that applies to every PC gamer.

Yes the best....for whom? Is ultra settings really worth $400 for a beast GPU? I'm fine with high on console, I won't pay this huge amount for ONE game to get 1 extra setting lol. I'll wait until later to build another PC.

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