Sony Opens New First Party Studio Working on PS4 Exclusive Games for Project Morpheus

With Project Morpheus looming just over the horizon, Sony appears to have strengthened its Worldwide Studios team with the opening of a new studio based in the English North West.

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Relientk771279d ago

Hopefully they make great use of Project Morpheus

MysticStrummer1279d ago

Hard to say. The Move had great potential that still hasn't been realized and the same could easily happen to Morpheus. The combination of Move and Morpheus could be a revolution in gaming, so I hope they do it right.

Joe9131275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

@MysticStrummer That is true but they didn't open a studio for the move either if they did I think the move would have had better support, they also did not force studios to make stuff with move in mind that would have been a mistake though.

mezati991279d ago

What's up with the downvotes? LOL

Abriael1279d ago

Guess some hope they won't make good use of Project Morpheus.

kraenk121278d ago

You know how it is with all those haters and fanboys.

blackblades1278d ago

Still say n4g needs to change the disagrees on here. When was the last time n4g had a update/upgrade.

Army_of_Darkness1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Every agree/disagree should require a comment or it won't be added ;-)
But then again... we might see even more ridiculous and pointless comments, so maybe not lol!

morganfell1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

@blackblades. Its simple, no comment posted means no ability to disagree. One agree/disagree per posted remark.

EDIT ha ha just saw Army's remark posted first. Spot on.

UltraNova1278d ago

Mods around here are more concerned on backing up certain contributors from insignificant websites that are run by stealth trolls instead of improving this forum.

Yes you know what I'm talking about Mr moderator.

Now listen to your subscribers and consider making disagrees tied with an obligatory comment you know itsa great idea that could improve the quality of some hotheaded threads.

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Galvanise1279d ago

Could have just kept Studio Liverpool.....

WipEout on Morpheus would have been nuts.

IRetrouk1278d ago

Could you imagine the speed, would be brill.

curtis921279d ago

I really hope Morpheus games aren't gimmicky but rather rich game experiences enhanced by morpheus. That's why it concerns me they need a dev focusing only on morpheus. Shouldn't all of their first party games be able to benefit from Morpheus?

Xer0_SiN1279d ago

like you said. you dont want them gimmicky. if you mandate all their first-party studios to make morpheus-enabled games, then its gonna be gimmicky. if they have a studio, or two dedicated to only morpheus, then thats where the magic lies. seems like sony is going down that path.

Clover9041278d ago

100% agree. Oculus, Sony, Valve, and game developers have all said that VR games need to be built from the ground up with VR in mind. Tacking on a VR option to Uncharted and God of War isn't ideal.

Having said that, I'd love to be able to play traditional games on a movie theater sized screen in a VR enviroment :)

jb2271278d ago

Since the games have to technically be rendered twice (I assume), there may be issues w/ getting full scale long form PS4 titles to utilize the Morpheus. I assume games will need to be tailor made to play to the Morpheus' strengths & weaknesses just like a traditional console game would be made for that platform. In essence, the Morpheus is more of a new platform than a new peripheral, so the games should be developed towards that. Should be some good crossover w/ Oculus development though as far as game quantity potential.

I think it's good on Sony to create a new studio for this instead of shackling one of their trusted first party developers to an experimental piece of tech w/ a limited install base. That said, I'd sure love to see what Media Molecule could do w/ Morpheus, even if it was just a proof of concept small piece.

comebackkid98911278d ago

This is reminiscent of Rare and the incorporeal incentive 3rd parties had to utilize kinect. I pray VR is not a bottleneck/chore.

jv19911279d ago

I just hope it will only be optional to use this then im happy.

iTechHeads1278d ago

So you want a VR-focused studio to make VR optional in a VR game they are developing? Unlikely.

jv19911278d ago

If they all on one point gonna do this i'll sell my ps4 and never game anymore. I dont want VR to take it all over

iTechHeads1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Uh, VR will always be optional seeing as how most games will never support it......that's just common sense dude.

Seeing as how you were commenting on this article I thought you were referring specifically to this Studio and its game...

jv19911278d ago

i hope your right mate. I just dont like vr and everything with it

Subaruwrx1279d ago

Will we need to buy Move controllers to use Morpheus? I thought the PS4 controller had Move tech built in.

Clover9041278d ago

It does. And if you have the ps4 camera, that's another VR component. The Move seems to add a great amount to immersion. I'd imagine that you'd be missing out on some of the VR Magic if you don't use the Move.

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