What is the Best Racing Game on Xbox One - PS4? A Comparison of Features

A video which compares various features of the best racing games on Xbox One and PS4 such as number of cars and tracks to interior view detail.

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StrayaKNT2390d ago

Forza Horizon 2 easily best racer ever made

emilijo7772390d ago

better than first Gran Turismo - metacritic 96?

thorstein2389d ago

Articles like this bring out the worst. A better article would be a breakdown of all racing games and what makes them great.

I still don't know what I want because all I hear is fanboy noise like this article. My favorite racer is Burnout Paradise.

Which game will give me a similar experience? That is what articles should be about. Inform readers. Trying to discern what is a good racer based on comments is futile.

SniperControl2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )


Lol, It's good, but it aint the best racer ever, not even close.

Immorals2389d ago

Best racing game I've ever played too!

Keep going back to it, 200 hours played and still tons to do!

gosukyomomma2389d ago

Forza Horizon 2 easily the best racer ever made in my opinion - fixed

kraenk122389d ago

For you everything on Xbox is the best ever made, so who cares?!

Ikki_Phoenix2389d ago

gran turismo piss forza easily
as for this gen...project cars is the best racing game
graphic wise driveclub piss both project and flopza

illtownNJONE2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

2 different graphic styles, fh2 is open world with dynamic weather and 200+ cars with jaw dropping visuals not to mention custom cars etc.... it achieves more visually than driveclub 55 car closed circuit racer

MysticStrummer2389d ago

Open world racing doesn't do anything for me so even if I had an XB1 I wouldn't want FH2, I'd stick with regular Forza.

As I said below, what a person thinks is the "best" racing game depends heavily on what kind of racer they like. Sim, arcade, or hybrid. Open world or traditional tracks. Declaring one as easily the best doesn't mean much, except that it's your personal opinion.

I bought Driveclub with my PS4 last October and still don't feel the need to buy another new racer, but my favorite racing game of all time was one of the PS2 Burnouts. I think it was Burnout 3: Takedown.

GhostTurtle2389d ago

Dude, are you high? Mario Kart 8 is where it's at!

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PrinceOfAnger2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

project cars hands down best racing sim.

objdadon2389d ago

Driveclub, nothing else compares

Brisco2389d ago

Seriously dude? You sir clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

Ikki_Phoenix2389d ago

play driveclub as it is today not like it was when it first came out

SpinalRemains1382389d ago

Lol really?

Driveclub is badass.

How is what he said seen as ignorant to you?

dangerousbrian02389d ago

There is nothing called a best racer out of these racing games as each of these racing games have good points and bad points to make them all the best racers ever as I have all of them.

MysticStrummer2389d ago

"Best" would also depend on if the person making the choice prefers a sim or arcade racer, or a hybrid or the two. There is no answer that's right for everyone.

For myself, I bought Driveclub and don't feel the need to buy another racing game at the moment. That may change when the next Gran Turismo comes out, and it may not.

Agent_hitman2389d ago

It's really hard to pick the best racing game cause most of have different preference. but for me, personally I would prefer Need for Speed games. And also GT and Forza.

but if I had to pick one, I will definitely choose NFS.

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