In-game XMB does not work for all games.

Neocrisis - I put enchanted arms to play for awhile. It seems In-game xmb doesn't support enchanted arms.


Call of Duty 3 and Blacksite: Area 51 have been added to the list

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Montrealien3832d ago

It is not complete but it is as step in the right direction, they will get figured out in the long run.

Veryangryxbot3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Do people even know what they are talking about.

lol oh no! NOT ENCHANTED ARMS! NOOOOOOO!!!! Anything but!!!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3832d ago

YAWN!!! This is SUCH A NEGATIVE site for the PS3!!! :-/
Wonder why i bother coming on this for???
(i have got a few PS3+PS2 games to finish off to!) ;)
(+If it wasn't for the PS3 fans on this i'd DELETE this site ASAP!!!) :-/



+I think SONY are taking there time(Fine by me, i'm enjoying the PS3 as it is, i really don't need half this stuff people always MOAN about)because they like watching the xBox 360's slow DEATH!!! ;-D

Petitionstation 33832d ago

Ken Kutaragi is a big smelly arsehole!

Le-mo3832d ago

The Japanese version of Valkyria Chronicles doesn't support it either.

Genesis53832d ago

Well I did actually finish that game. Though it wasn't one I was in a big hurry to get back to.

StephanieBBB3832d ago

Way to go bringing back old news. Sony said that almost all games support in-game XMB and "almost" doesn't mean "all" got it?

Overr8ed3832d ago

Its true Sony did say not all games will support XMB. Well at least they work for the important games like Warhawk, CoD4, Resistance and so on.

B-Rein3832d ago

Well the update was FREE!!!!! stop moaning! and it aint complete yet

(lol people do love lookin for falws on the ps3 WICH ARE SMALL AND WAS SED TO BE FIXED OR IT JUS AINT FINISHED, lol what bout the major flaw the other sytem have that mess up even when you are playin the games the big problems)

Time_Is_On_My_Side3832d ago

I agree at the same time I think good comes out of it because now Sony doesn't have to find the problems themselves.

ChampIDC3832d ago

Why is it that every time a problem comes up with the PS3, somebody has to mention the "other system"? A problem is a problem. Just because the "other system" has its own problems doesn't justify PS3 bugs. Every console needs to fix its issues.

PirateThom3832d ago

I have 16 disc games and quite a few PSN games and it works with all of them.


Ben10543832d ago

the only game that i have is COD3 according to the article

spandexxking3832d ago

but with cod 4 out nobody should be playing cod 3

KillaManiac3832d ago

It doesn't fully work for Metal Gear Online.

It works when your at the main menu/picking room ect, but if your IN a game it doesn't (which makes me sad).

I hope they patch it for it to work sometime.

Grassroots3832d ago

I can't believe someone is playing Enchanted Arms, it's no good. hehe

It's weird how a few titles aren't working but it's no big deal, just funny how fast people become used to having things so quickly and complain because one title doesn't support it.

Three weeks ago there wasn't even any XMB support lol

Alvadr3832d ago

I agree, what the hell is this guy doing playing Enchanted Arms anyway. The only reason why you would need XMB to play this game is to tell your friends how bad it is while playing it.