The Swapper appears to be coming to Xbox One

The highly acclaimed "The Swapper" looks like it will be heading to Xbox One

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christocolus1278d ago

Awesome. Played this on Ps4.its a really interesting game.Glad it's coming to Xbox One.


Can't wait to try this on Xbox One!

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mike32UK1278d ago

Cannot recommend this game enough. What at first seems like a run of the mill puzzle game turns out to be a very poignant and beautifully crafted work of art. The musical score in particular is simply stunning, definitely should be played with a headset

WCxAlchemist1278d ago

How can this be? All i hear by trollz is parity clause so its impossible for the swapper to make its way too xbox! Someone needs to check why games like Warframe, shovel knight, outlast and other games are doing on xbox. Viva la parity clause

KwietStorm1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

You're talking like the clause was a myth. Microsoft stated themselves the what and why about the clause. The only difference now is, like with many other policies in the Xbox One, it had to change in order for the platform to penetrate and step outside of it's own bubble.