Witcher 3: The PC graphics - impressions of the PC, Ultra Settings, 4K : We had the opportunity first impressions from the PC version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt take - in 4K, on ​​Ultra settings.

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ramiuk11279d ago

and people are claiming its downgraded on pc,looks amazing imo.
amounto f people who can play like this is less than 5% i reckon of pc gamers but wow,there in for a treat of visual quality.

Orpheus1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Im not sure if all the videos appearing in youtube claiming to be at ultra settings are actually at ultra settings. Lets see what happens.

In the video we can see fog and the draw distance is huge too. Only thing I did not like were the brick walls.

cartoonx11278d ago

just watch the original 35 min gameplay reveal. thts why ppl claiming its downgraded. it looks pretty good but yea no where near like that old build.

brich2331278d ago

Dont worry, there will be an Enhanced Editon coming eventually. The Witcher 1 and 2 did it.

Dynasty20211278d ago

And the inevitable graphics mods.

Utalkin2me1278d ago

Well in the other article.


Somebody put the wrong preview video. You actually have to go to the site and see the real video.

KeplerNoMore1278d ago

Less than 5% actualy according to steam hardware, but yeah most of these guys in comment sections act like 4k capable pcs are something you can find on the ground or grow from trees.

Studio-YaMi1278d ago

The thought of buying a decent 4K monitor or 4K TV is ludicrous enough,lol.

Bladesfist1278d ago

@keplerNoMore the people who game at these resolutions don't really care that they are the minority. Why should I care that other people do not game at 1440p / 144hz?

cayleee1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )


Pc gaming has always been about pushing the limits. It doesnt matter how many people have 4k capable PCs. In the long run if there are games that require people to upgrade, then people will upgrade. PC graphics power doubles every 18 months. How much longer before midrange GPUs can push 4k graphics? i would give it few years tops.

If games developers stop making progress. Downgrade games due to consoles, This will end up in a slowdown in people upgrading PCs too.

Now you may ignore that for now as a console gamer. However please understand. Since the last few gens MS, Sony and nintendo get a free ride when it comes to console hardware research. Since PC gamers have already funded the research. Its an ecosystem.

Now imagine if PC gamers dont have a reason to upgrade. Eventually its MS, Sony and nintendo who will need to spend billions to research and develop new hardware.

MS and Sony cheaped out this gen, there is no denying that. The reason is obvious they want to make their share holders happy as a corporation.

redey31278d ago

Statistics say less than 1% can do 4k gaming. Average PC in USA isnt the average PC in middle/eastern europe or average PC in china or in africa. Furthermore, '' How much longer before midrange GPUs can push 4k graphics? i would give it few years tops. '' nice dream. In a few years a gtx 770 will be mid-range, and that graphics card can't run most games even today on 4k with solid settings and fps. And in a few years the games will be even more system req. hungry than they are now. Why? Because it doesn't matter that the consoles are weaker, look how much weaker was the ps3 or xbox360 when far cry 3 came out and still they could play it while a ten times stronger PC was needed to run it. ( on LOW settings)

Overwhelming1278d ago

@BladesFist: for the same reason the other 95% should care about the other 95%.

One thing is for sure, the effort and cost of making a game that pushes the limits for those 5% of gamers that would be able to play it, it's not cost-effective.

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Studio-YaMi1278d ago

Well, IS downgraded,unless you're blind or have foggy glasses on.

Not that it looks horrible or anything close to that,but a downgrade is obvious compared to what they showed at E3.

bumnut1278d ago

PC had features removed because consoles were too weak according to this...

No idea how credible it is though.

brich2331278d ago

Its way more than 5%, remember the game doesnt have to be played at 1080p. 720p is an option and probably lower resolutions.

Enyxodin1278d ago

I have claimed witcher 3 to be downgraded and I still claim it after this video...

kraenk121278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

People are ridiculous and spoiled brats these days. They don't appreciate all the work which goes into these games, don't have a clue about marketing and love to complain about everything. Internet is ruining gaming for me more and more.

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Hasswell-NeverCold1278d ago

There's really only 2 things that bother me really. Before the fov when riding a horse seemed better now it is too close and the sparkler effect when using igni.

Tzuno1278d ago

4K is not worth, it's overpriced because it's new, other than that i am good enough with 1080p and high settings.

UNKLE1278d ago

still unoptimized shit its need r9 290x for ultra...

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