The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - "Max versus Low" + "PC versus PS4" Video Comparisons

The first video compares that game’s Max and Low settings, while the second video compares the PC and the PS4 versions.

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T9001254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

First its youtube comparison, never take those seriously.

Second i would come back to this few months later after the modders are done with it.

Lastly the PC version cost me 33usd. Anyone crying oh you need super high end PC, add up the hidden expenses on console in the long run its about even.

What you get with the PC version is a game that improves over time with mods, and more powerful hardware over the years (aka 1440p or 4k down the line). Plus you get perma BC, Witcher games are a collectors item. I can still go back to Witcher 1 if i desire so. Hence with PC platform having such insane BC, i wouldnt be looking at youtube comparisons for my decision.

Cuzzo631254d ago Show
reynod1254d ago

Looks like CP sold out to MS and Sony. Cancelled my Pre order on Steam.

Will buy this once the modders have fixed this at a much lower price.

GamePeace1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Everyone will enjoy the game, if you want so. I don't buy games for graphical differences, but for the gameplay, which will be the same on all plattforms. The truth is that the game ahs been consolized. If you prefer to play with mouse & keyboard or a xbox one controller, then play on pc or on xbox one. If you prefer the dualshock 4, you can get the game without worries for your ps4. Important is only that you play the game for what it is. Mods doesn't bother me. There are already enough things to do in this game, don't need any mod. But if you are happy with user created contents, go for it. I prefer playing what CD project red has originally created and made of the game. I personally wouldn't spend thousand of dollars for gaming, not even hundred of dollars. I buy the new consoles every ten years and trade the new games with old ones for 10 euros at gamestop. Your copy will cost you 30usd, my copy will cost me 10 euros. The times where the graphical differences were big are over now. The ps3 had only 512mb ram, theps4 has now over 6gb. But if you have the money and like to invest it into gaming pc's and upgrades, please. And who plays the witcher and the witcher 2 anymore after the witcher 3 went open world?

Christopher1254d ago

Congrats on selling the PC version?

I've seen plenty of raw footage that I can say that I'm disappointed with how little beyond the console versions it goes. I'm sure it will shine at 4k, but not at the level than The Witcher 2 on PC did compared to 360. Those were massive differences. Here? We've got slight differences in clarity, lighting, and the like. And I think that's what the video is showing. Not that PC isn't the better option if you want the best looking, running, potential for advancement with mods game. It's just that the PC version seems to be more held to be at a level comparable to consoles, which is kind of a bad thing on one side and kind of a good thing that it still looks good.

Conzul1254d ago

Mods are not a valid discussion point in comparing launch GFX.

ChristopherJack1254d ago

@Conzul, Of course they are. Why wouldn't mods be a valid topic in graphical comparisons? May not be important now but certainly a factor when it comes to a long term investment so it's always relevant.

BlackWolf121254d ago

Hidden expenses of consoles?



BeefCurtains1254d ago

I think video games, like all recent technology, are on an exponential curve.

We had huge surges in graphical improvements over a short period of time the last 10-15 years, but now it takes a lot more work for smaller graphical improvements. I think that helps explain why this generation has been less impressive, and the PC version hasn't blown away the console version like it used to, even on monster PCs. Upping the resolution to 4k does elevate the game, but that's still A very small market share.

I really think the next big step in gaming will be immersion over graphics... VR or AR and that will be what sets this generation apart from last.

Just my 2 cents.

cayleee1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )


How about not paying to go online then? or maybe demanding real BC(not having to pay for HD remakes) and Mods?

Or maybe asking for discounts like you get on PC. Witcher 3 can be had now at GMG for 43 usd show me the same price on console.

NuggetsOfGod1254d ago

well cdpr is owned by console companies now.

cyberpunk is being downgraded as we speak.

to much assets even in the concept art lol.

the fact dues ex is leading on ps4 sucks also.

limitation needs to be burned alive.

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Utalkin2me1254d ago

First off set it to 720p or higher. Secondly if you can not tell a huge difference in texture quality then you're almost legally blind. Especially where he is standing and its a rock wall in background.

ChristopherJack1254d ago

@Krad1989 No need to be toxic because he's pointing out others rose tinted glasses. Choose what differences they wish to perceive when in reality it's quite obvious.

LamerTamer1254d ago

Yep identical, they both look like a black screen saying "This video is private".

kingduqc1254d ago

Honestly the video quality is quite bad on this youtube video. Like, weird squares everywhere and everything id way too blurry.

Meltic1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

this video really highlights how shafted PC has been in this release, imagine how mad Nvidia would be, after working so closely to develop the game in an effort to encourage people to buy faster and newer GPU's only to have it run and look the same on a POS console with PC tech that's 4 years old inside it.

TKCMuzzer1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Lol, your comment makes me laugh, mainly because it makes me realise how much I have my priorities in life sorted out as this kind of thing is something I could not care less about if I tried.

Gamers go on and on about how games are about gameplay and this and that but when it comes down to it judging from comments on the web gamers only care about how good they look.

Play the game, not the graphics.

Azzanation1254d ago

Im sure its 99% the same between PS4 and XB1 aswell.

darksky1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

It's the MS parity clause at work.

With games like The Order proving the graphics can be better on PS4 what else could it have been?

threecommas1254d ago

Darksky has *absolutely* no idea what he's talking about. The "parity clause" has nothing to do with graphics, not even in the slightest. Do your research first, please. It's only purpose is to get indie developers to release their titles on both consoles at the same time, and to not take money from sony to delay their release a year on other systems.

jeromeface1254d ago

@darksky I really wish the parity clause would backfire in the face with more dev's just skipping over the inferior M$ hardware.

WonderboyIII1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

PC following the lowest common denominator isn't a new thing. Check multiplatform games of the last gen and you will get more examples. Developers share assets and if the majority is PS4 and X1 then their assets will be used on PC. And since Assets are textures and the engine itself, you will realize that PC will end just giving better FPS, AA, AF and resolution and this won't improve texture quality, lighting, reflections and the general art direction one bit.

Mariusmssj1254d ago

"Regarding the comparion video, unfortunately we don’t know how this video was created and what PC settings have been used. It compared an early PC version with a PS4 debug build without the day 1 patch. So it’s quite an uncommon basic setting."

BallsEye1254d ago

Not really exactly but pretty close. If labels would change to ps4 vs xbox one using exactly same video, people would start to see super huge difference in resolution, number of trees and density of geralts facial hair.

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Erik73571255d ago

Wow, disappointingly the same as ps4 version.

The trailers for this game were a lie.

Allsystemgamer1254d ago

Look at the 5k screenshots users released. It's very close to the original reveal on pc. But you need a 3k pc to get that lol. I have the ps4 version and it looks very good but nowhere near that good.

MWH1254d ago

resolution has nothing to do with what has been removed from the original reveal.


Resolution is not everything! There are a lot of Graphical effects removed from the final build, I can see why PC gamers are mad.

As for us Console gamers, it looks great on PS4 and X1!

uth111254d ago

yup, it's not a resolution problem. They definately downgraded some in-game assets. Setting it to 4K won't change that.

HammadTheBeast1254d ago

Alright listen up. You need at least a GTX 980 to run this game 1080p and 60 fps on ultra. Assuming that's the baseline for people who would run it at that setting, you're limiting it to a very small percentage of PC gamers who actually have that graphics card and those $1500 PC setups.

So what you're telling me, is that you want the devs to further cater to a tiny percentage of people who could run it at those settings with even better graphics, while 95% won't be running it on that level.

T9001254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Please stop being immature, PC gaming has always worked that way. To leave room for future improvement any time you upgrade.

You remember a game called Farcry 1, Crysis, Quake 2, Half life 2 or maybe unreal series?

No GPU could max out any of those game at release time. For the majority of people it was playing those games at medium settings. Later on in the years as they upgraded they automatically got upgrades to their games. Think of it like free HD remake. Its how classic PC gaming has always worked.

People can easily play Witcher 3 now on PC with a midrange graphics card, at console like settings. Few years down the line maybe when they have more powerful hardware they can play it again maybe at 1440p or 4k. If they have more powerful hardware maybe they can add some mods to it. The game just keeps getting better over time.

Try playing Witcher 2 today with texture mods and supersampling it will look amazing and may bring some pretty powerful rigs to their knees. Its just how PC gaming works. There is nothing wrong with PC gamers having medium range hardware, upgrading in 3-4 years time and coming back to games just to find free HD remake.

Its a bit like console gamers who when upgrade their consoles they have to actually pay for the game again to see a HD remake since they have no BC, except PC gamers get all of that for free. Think of it jumping from PS3 to PS4 finding your entire library upgraded for free, not having to pay for those games again. Thats how PC gaming is.

CryofSilence1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

I highly doubt you would need a GTX 980 to run this at 1080p and ultra. Maybe in 1440 or 2160p. 1080p is old news and outdated to PC gamers. I expect my GTX 970, which is over twice as powerful as a PS4, to run this just fine at 1080p/60Hz/ultra.

HammadTheBeast1254d ago


Well, you're going to be disappointed, because numerous sources have stated that the 980 is what allows it to run it at those settings. And as for your GTX 970 being twice as powerful as the PS4, well, that's expected I'd hope for a graphics card which costs roughly the same as a PS4.

CryofSilence1254d ago

I'll message you the results on the 19th. :3

tontontam01254d ago


I don't know if you are a troll or an idiot.

I not a fan of HD remaster, but developers don't just click and click and change the settings when they do remasters.

zzzz my gtx 560 ti is 4 years outdated need to upgrade graphics card, ps4 version will suffice for now until I am able to save up to buy a decent graphics card.

bumnut1254d ago

Sorry but I don't agree, Back in the day you could never max PC games when they released.

You usually had to wait until a new generation of graphics cards released. This instantly made all of your old games better, a bit like HD remasters do on consoles.

methegreatone1254d ago

Why not give users the options for more grahpical features ?

So what if most people can't run all of them. Let them choose what to enable. Let them choose what resolution. Let them choose what framerate they're ok with.

No one was ever hurt because of extra options for graphical features.

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Two-Face1255d ago

I hate these useless comparisons. One thing is watching on Youtube. Another thing is playing the game in motion for yourself. Only then you can truly appreciate the PC version for what it is.

Enyxodin1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

that is the most dumb thing a person can say, of course youtube compresses the video but not so much that the pc version looks like the ps4 version...which it does but not because of youtube but because of the developer!

Dont overestimate the power of youtube compression lol

Utalkin2me1254d ago

It looks not even close actually.

Vegamyster1254d ago

The biggest difference outside of framerate will probably be pop-in/fade-in, it's quite noticeable on the console version when your moving.

burza19821254d ago

PS4 looks Great.
I wasn't sure which version to buy, but now I know I can play on PS4.

Allsystemgamer1254d ago

I'm having a blast on ps4. It looks great and after the patch plays better. Have fun on Tuesday!