Growth ahead for more diversified game industry

The video game industry looks set for at least another year or two of strong growth, driven by geographical expansion, a strong hardware lineup and growing pool of casual gamers, industry executives said.

In a move to capitalize on emerging economies, Sony Corp's game unit said at the E3 video game trade show this week it will launch operations in Argentina, Columbia and Peru by March 2009, its first step into the South American market.

Rival Nintendo Co Ltd aims to start offering its Wii console in China this year.

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Montrealien3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Sadly this kind of story gets buried here, great read nonetheless.

"Slowdown in the global economy and its chilling effect on personal consumption, which cast a long shadow over other industrial sectors, have not become a major source of concern for game industry executives, at least not yet. "


Twizlex3745d ago

Lots of good news gets buried here. N4G is riddled with too many ADHD idiot fanboys and nazis, and is really a pretty poor source for anything that's actually interesting or entertaining.

Montrealien3744d ago

yet we come back like flies to a light...

*runs into a wall*