Kickstarter and Nostalgia Overload

Sam Foxall from VGU writes: 'This week has seen the launch of yet another spiritual successor Kickstarter, with Koji Igarashi revealing Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and having it funded fully within a matter of hours. This is on top of the continued success of Yooka-Laylee and the release of Broken Age Act 2, signalling the successful completion of one of the biggest Kickstarters of all time.'

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gangsta_red1279d ago

Wouldn't it be amazing if Iga, Hideo and Keiji Inafune just got together and made a studio.

CaptainTrilby1279d ago

Kojima's gonna end up forming his own indie studio probably and it'll be completely mental.

Enigma_20991278d ago

.. and maybe he'll finally be able to stop making Metal Gear Solid games... you know, like he wanted to do a few times before but people b****** about it.

KryptoniteTail1279d ago

Why don't all developers do this? Do it for new IP, risky old IP, spiritual successors, and all?

DiscoKid1279d ago

Because not all developers are for the players. These Kickstarter fund amounts are minuscule compared to publisher budgets. Developers are generally paid more money under a publisher. So it depends on what the developer cares about more; money or fanservice.

XtraTrstrL1279d ago

I hope Little Devil Inside gets funded. It looks nice, the combat looks fun, plus I love the fact it's got the Wind Waker elements in there.