Star Wars Battlefront's E3 Gameplay Won't Be What Was Shown at Celebration; X-Wing Picture Released

Star Wars Battlefront will be heavily featured at E3, and Community Manager Mathew Everett is continuing to give information about the game.

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Toiletsteak2390d ago

I am actually looking forward to this game, i don't understand the hate. I guess people just love to hate stuff.

Ninver2390d ago

Nobody has mentioned hate besides you so far. Just acknowledge the game and stop worrying about what others think.

OT: Star Wars has always had a special place in my heart so I will give this game a try and have fun with it for what it's worth.

S_C2390d ago

I'm not and never been a fan of star wars at all and even i'm interested in this game

3-4-52390d ago

It's really only like 5% of people hating on this game.

Majority of people can't wait to play a Star Wars game.

At least...if there honest with themselves.

Way too much hate on way too many games that really don't deserve it.

OB1Biker2390d ago

Yep I think your right.. the problem with the gaming community on the internet is they always try to convince others instead of admitting people have different preferences/expectations.
A small % of haters will call out people saying good things about a game.

Perjoss2390d ago

It seems to be very cool to hate this game, so many people hating on it with none of them having played it yet.

I say give it a chance, wait for reviews and if they are not very positive you can hate all you like.

objdadon2390d ago

I just want them to show real gameplay, not cgi.

RegorL2390d ago

What if they have? (As they claimed over and over again)

Rimeskeem2390d ago

Some peoole see it as a step backwards from the originals.

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masterfox2390d ago

oh oh I smell downgrade :D


Won't be what shown at the celebration? No [email protected]!

RegorL2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Might show PC game play this time, and not downgraded PS4 target rendering...

Qrphe2390d ago

PC port will run at better resolution and have better performance. Can't think of a game that ever went beyond that.

gbonez2390d ago

why not show the xwing in game screen shot? why put it in a white background? this does not get me hyped for the game at all, I'd be more excited if you showed me what it looked like in action, even if it is a still frame. I've never been more worried about a game as i am this one

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