Meeting the man making the new Gears of War

"Rod Fergusson knows Gears of War. After ten years at Epic Games he was as recognisable a front-man as Cliff Bleszinski or Marcus Fenix, and it was peculiar to witness the departure of all three from the previous title, Gears of War: Judgment. Fergusson moved to Irrational Games, helping to finish BioShock Infinite, and was rebuilding 2K’s Marin studio in California when Microsoft bought the rights to Gears and tempted him back to the company, the franchise, and his homeland of Canada to head its new studio Black Tusk. The studio’s debut game will be Gears of War on Xbox One – making it the second time that Microsoft has transferred one of its biggest franchises to a new home. Gamesradar caught up with Rod to find out what it’s like being back, and how the new team can keep fans happy while still doing something new".

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