Witcher 3 Dev says Nvidia HairWorks unoptimizable for AMD GPUs

Witcher 3 Dev says Nvidia HairWorks tech is unoptimizable for AMD GPUs, encouraging Radeon users to disable the feature for higher performance. Is Nvidia's GameWorks Tech anti-competitive?

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Adexus1279d ago

I thought this would be really obvious lol.

Hairworks in Far Cry 4 apparently had the same kind of performance impact that it did on Nvidia cards though, hopefully this is the same!

Hasswell-NeverCold1278d ago

How much impact it had in far cry 4? I haven't played it.

Well I guess that tomb raider tressfx worked better (and the whole game) in amd cards. I could play it some older amd card just fine (with dropping something of course) and then I switched to nvidia it wasn't so much better than I thought. oh yeah that opinion is based on amd hd 6850 vs gtx 760 (which i currently have)

It is really fucked that some games are just made for basically for another card.

kingeliran1278d ago

Yep.. Hairworks & Physx are Hardware related, so i dont think Nividia will share its tech with their competition AMD.

cartoonx11278d ago

well hairworks on far cry 4 looks crap anyway. i tested them with amd GPU and it wasnt really bad performance wise, hope its same performance wise in this game.

Magicite1278d ago

Dying Light and AC Unity also had Nvidia exclusive feats. AMD is in big trouble.

Cueil1278d ago

TressFX is open source but NOOOO... screw over a bunch of gamers...

Activemessiah1278d ago

AMD owners getting shafted once again...

_LarZen_1278d ago

Nothing new. And one of many reasons I am going back to Nvidia next time I upgrade.

NuggetsOfGod1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

or stupid pc community could stop supporting preparatory technology?

as far as I can see; Amd is the one who single handedly changed the industry.

The forced low level apis for pc and co-develop hbm memory.

nvidia makes hair and AA.

The only reason I would get nvidia is if amd doesn't support it r9 390x with good drivers.

Nvidia seems to have good service though. But they do not even one thing to benefit the industry.

If I can save $100 - $200 with freesync I wouldn't mind. we will see.

Amd drops the ball hard with driver support it seems.

other than that they seem to better for the industry.

tressfx in deus ex will make u jump back to amd? lol nvidia owners will be shafted I guess.

proprietary divides pc gamers.

lol like hairworks won't be killing gtx fps performance lol physx as well kills gtx performance.

everyone is shafted.

and it look hardly better than ps4 so far.

Cueil1278d ago

no need... just buy yourself a cheap Nvidia card and slot it in with your AMD and blam you're good to go with DX12 and Windows 10

Immorals1278d ago

I dunno, wouldn't call it shafted. A technology designed for one companies graphics card not working on their rivals sounds about right to me.

darksky1278d ago

So why do devs support this? They should develop features which are useable on all cards, not only some.

Immorals1278d ago


Why limit yourself? If you can improve your product, even for a select few customers it's worth it.

darksky1278d ago

@ immorals

Yet CDProject downgraded the pc version to be at parity with the XB1. They certainly limited themselves there.

Cueil1278d ago

TressFX works great and AMD made it open source... not sure why any company wants to use crap from Nvidia that doesn't work right on AMD cards

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shloobmm31278d ago

Fter 3dfx died i moved on to ATI and there cards always had t3errible driver support and all kinds of issues. I switched over to nvidia with the gts 250 and up to the 780ti now and Nvidia for the most part is on top of their game.

Gilgamesh151278d ago

Why does everyone say ATI has terrible driver support when it hasn't been true for years? I feel people read it online and just talk out of their asses.

cartoonx11278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

even on nvidia cards u have to use titan x or 980 sli to get 60 fps with hair works on, so its not worth anyways. also i hope tht the game perform well without hairworks on AMD since there have been almost no game which use gameworks and perform well on AM. on the other had almost all gaming evolve games perform fairly well on both GPUs

@NeverCold- Nvidia has posted GPU requirements on their website, u can check there. it do look quit impressive with hairworks on but perf drop is too much for average users. also game dev said youtube videos doesnt represent the final build so maybe final game has better graphics with day one patch. just 3 more days to know :)

Hasswell-NeverCold1278d ago

And if that actually is true and I haven't seen much difference in PC vs PS4 comparisons in youtube. That's a lot of money for just 30 to 60 fps. With hair. =)

Hopefully most people will be quite happy to finally play the game next week.

Genova841278d ago

One GTX 980 is said to be able to run it with hairworks on at 60 fps, 1080p. 4k hairworks is another story. Hoping AMD will at least be optimized enough to run 60 FPS 1080p ultra with my R9 295x2. Hairworks would be great, but I've assumed from the start it wouldn't work.

cartoonx11277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

@genova- IGN were running ultra with hairworks and some other effects off and they were getting dips below 60 and thts with gtx 980 at 1080p. also they were using SSAO which is alot cheaper thn HBAO+

methegreatone1278d ago

Why ?

Nvidia hairworks is Nvidia technology, designed specifically to work on NV hardware.

Ofcourse they aren't going to optimize it on AMD hardware.

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Dario_DC1278d ago

What else is new?? Anything connected to Nvidia basically runs like crap on AMD cards... This is how Nvidia keeps gaining so much market share! Just work along/sponsor(pay) developers to use their proprietary software on these new games and make AMD cards perform like crap...
Funny that people blame AMD drivers support when most of these issues are created by Nvidia... Then you have PC gamers buying Nvidia thinking they're the best... Any Nvida developed game WILL have issues on AMD cards, that's how it is.

uth111278d ago

Then when nVidia is the only viable game in town. They'll lose the incentives to innovate or have competitive pricing and everyone will suffer

Gwiz1278d ago

AMD has 3 consoles,Nvidia is going to do everything they can to have an advantage on PC.

kingmushroom1278d ago

If i get the disc version on Pc, do i get the digital version with it?

Cueil1278d ago

with most games the disc is a lie.... but luckily as long as your disc says GoG and not Steam Required you're fine

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