Sony PlayStation E3 2015 press conference date & time revealed plus secret announcement teased

Sony has sent out invitations for this year's PlayStation E3 2015 press conference, revealing the date and time of Monday June 15 at 6 PM Pacific.

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THC CELL1252d ago

Cant wait to land and watch the show all the way from the UK

SniperControl1252d ago

That's June 16th 2am for us peeps in the UK.

Linzoid1252d ago

Hopefully a Warhawk game for PS4!

Dario_DC1252d ago

3am in France... Oh well, c'est la vie.

JoGam1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

I like it that Sony starts at 9pm est time.

FamilyGuy1252d ago

6pm pacific is such a weird time, are they trying to a favor for the 9am to 5pm working class or something? Seems like such a long wait and it screws over people watching in other countries.

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Transistor1252d ago

Here is a tease of Sony's E3 from someone who works for Sony.

Conzul1252d ago

"GAF will both love and hate EA"

Sounds like Battlefront and Mirror's Edge content, respectively.

breakpad1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

"more colours than brown ,blue or orange" is indicating any platformer ?

BlackWolf121251d ago

Battlefront timed Xbox exclusive?

DeadlyFire1250d ago

Lol breakpad.

Orange alone should give that away. Lots of brown and blue. Killzone........

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Xer0_SiN1252d ago

i love that sony has so many talented first-party studios; you never know what to expect. hell, last gen i think it was first-party alone that drove them through that generation, now with the backing of the others? goodness...

Bobby Kotex1251d ago

Can't wait to fly up in space and watch it in my spacecraft.

showtimefolks1251d ago

It seems like 2015 was gonna be the best year but now it's looking more and more likely 2016 will end up being that year

Uncharted 4
the division
kingdom Hearts 3
destiny 2
Titan fall 2
god of war
new cod,Ac as usual

And there is so much we will find out at e3

I really hope we find out what the first party studios are working on. Since Sony won't hold conference at gamescom this year, I really hope Sony goes all out with their e3 conference

I want to see:

New god of war trailer
gurreila games new ip
Sony London
the last guarding
media molecule
quantum dreams new ip

Get some sort of announcement about a R* game like last year Ven Sony announced gta 5 for next Gen

Rdr 2 please

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MasterCornholio1252d ago

Well I hope no one leaks it beforhand.

Last Guardian please!!!

ArchangelMike1252d ago

The Last Guardian...

there was once a time when this game was going to make history...

then history became legend...

and legend became myth...

Kingscorpion711252d ago

The Last Guardian
Sony Bend (New IP)
Guerilla Games (New IP)
Sucker Punch (New IP)

someOnecalled1251d ago

LMAO funny comment of the day. i hope they do show it tho. they didnt make a game all last gen. i know the have to be frustrated about that

SkippyPaccino1252d ago

The only problem about showing off the last guardian, is that when they do eventually show it off they better have a release date. If they do show it this E3 it better come out no later than black Friday.

TeamLeaptrade1252d ago

I agree 100%. If they were to actually show anything on it, they'd need to have a date announced as well. I really hope they make it, because it would be fantastic to finally play this game.

DAS6921251d ago


Satyre281252d ago

Why make hype for something that means nothing. I really hate when people read way into these things. It is clearly a 20 not a 2 for their 20th anniversary.

Speak_da_Truth1252d ago

Can't wait to watch it. Bring it on Sony!

robtion1251d ago

I expect to be disappointed. Hope they prove me wrong.

OmegaShen1252d ago

Watch, at the end Sony says PS4 Slim $299 and drops the mic.

OB1Biker1252d ago

I'd rather they make it 1TB standard

OmegaShen1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

They could still do $299 with 1tb, 1tb's don't cost to much anymore . I brought one for my PS3 for $71 (s&h).

Plus Nyko is making it so PS4 users can use 3.5 hard drives.


Same could be said about Xbox One but they did, plus seeing how both consoles need to upgrade their hdmi for Netflix 4k and all.

_-EDMIX-_1252d ago

They probably will, but I would rather just change the drive myself and get a cheaper one used.

Changing the drive is pretty easy and painless.

DragoonsScaleLegends1252d ago


1TB are not costly? $71 is not a lot? Lol they are still overpriced as hell. But I got a $40 1TB hard drive during a sale for my computer but I'm guessing laptop hard drives are even more expensive than their desktop counterparts.

gatormatt801252d ago

I don't see them announcing a PS4 slim yet. It's still too early to redesign the PS4. Sure the internals will get smaller, but I don't see why they should change the PS4's iconic design. IMO it's the best looking console I've ever owned.

And if Sony did do a price drop... Wow, I can't even imagine how fast they would fly off the shelves. I doubt Sony could even keep up with demand.

pivotplease1251d ago

More like 350 500GB SKU and then 400 1TB SKU or no price drop at all. The ps4 hasn't quite lost its momentum yet though this fall that could be a different story.

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ArchangelMike1252d ago

Still too early for a price drop announcement. Probably won't come until E3 2016.

WCxAlchemist1252d ago

Watch at the end Sony say ps4 slim $299 delayed till 2017 he trips and mic falls out his hand LoL

Unreal011252d ago

Haha I usually don't like your posts but that's damn funny man.

poor_cus_of_games1251d ago

Can't be delayed if it hasn't been announced.

SoapShoes1252d ago

Idk if that'd be at E3 but I fully expect a price drop by the holidays.

Kalebninja1252d ago

i'll drop the mic on their head if they release a better model after I spent $400.

The_Sage1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

That is kinda what I was thinking. Didn't they do a hundred dollar drop of the PS2 at about the same time frame, in the same position?

Yep... Just did a little research. PS2 launched October 2000 (when I got mine) and in May of 2002 they dropped the price by $100. At that time they were already leading the market by a large margin, which only widened after the price drop.

pivotplease1251d ago

Thanks for dropping some knowledge. Since I got a ps2 at launch I didn't really keep up with its price after that. This definitely changes my perspective on the viability of a price drop. I am still unsure though if Sony and its investors want to see such a drop in profit this early. They've had to play it safe financially since the PS3 days.

TheCommentator1252d ago


XB1 is 4k compliant without restrictions. PS4 can currently output 4k for video only. At any rate, neither needs to upgrade for Netflix.

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