343 Industries Walks a Thin Line With Halo 5

343 Industries is creating one heck of a hype train. With Hunt the Truth, Hunt The Signal, the cryptic game trailers, and the cover art scavenger hunt, they’re weaving a web that draws Halo fans in daily. Imagine how crushing it will be if Halo 5: Guardians doesn’t live up to the hype. Truly, 343 Industries is walking a thin line here.

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darthv721250d ago

it's Halo, it's Master Chief... it's already lived up to the hype.

MrCherry1250d ago

I think this game will help 343, or keep pushing it down that hole.

ScorpiusX1250d ago

Walk whatever line you please just as long that game is working come release and not delayed.

Father Murder X1250d ago

I hope that MS turns them loose on something original after Halo 5 releases.