Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PS4 looks better than ever, but has major problems

Destructoid: In terms of the entire package, the PS4 version is the exact same compilation as the original remaster release. The international versions of both base games, Eternal Calm, Last Mission, and the super weird audio drama are all here. Nothing in terms of gameplay content was added or removed. However, there appears to be an alteration or a major bug affecting FFX's random number generation.

People even more keen than myself on FFX have noticed the RNG system is completely broken in the PS4 version. Random encounters and events are supposed to be, well, random. However, this is no longer the case in this version. Encounters always occur when they are supposed to, they will always have the same enemies, and the battles will always play out exactly the same way. No matter how many times the game is reset, the occurrence and outcome of encounters or events that involve the RNG system are set in stone.

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Xof1256d ago

...What unexpected incompetence. And from Square-Enix, of all places. Who could ever have anticipated such ineptitude and disrespect for their consumers?

/s, for the fanboys here who are sufficiently deluded to think the above statement was genuine.

averagejoe261256d ago

Can someone confirm this?

I was going to play the remaster on ps3 but waited for ps4.

Should I just play the ps3 version instead?

godofboobees1256d ago

It's confirmed. YouTube darkkefka, he goes on a tear about it

Aggesan1256d ago

Ill buy it if they patch it.

Lindenn1256d ago

I can confirm as I own all versions of it now. I tested the PS4 version several times and kept getting the same encounters, same item drops, and enemies attacked in the same patterns and damage was always the same numbers. I can't unsee it now that I've been made aware. I tested the same save state via cross-save on my Vita and I kept getting different enemy encounters. While you can easily ignore it and just play the game and enjoy the story without incident, I for one really REALLY hope they can patch this.

For those torn between what versions to get, The PS3 and Vita versions are the ones to get. Until, if ever they patch the PS4 version, only then will it be the definitive version as it has the Option to switch to the original music score and looks crisper.

DragonKnight1256d ago

Yeah I'm not getting the PS4 version unless they patch the RNG. I'm a hardcore FFX fan and the fixed RNG will be something I immediately notice, and that will just ruin the game for me. I'm glad the PS4 allows for the option to choose the original soundtrack. In my opinion it is vastly superior to the remaster. I hope they fix the audio bug because it's shameful to deny people the ability to experience each track in its fullest glory.

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The story is too old to be commented.