Metal Gear Solid 5's Mysterious Skull Face: VA Surprisingly Does Not Remember Much About His Role

This is either genuine or some high level trolling job.

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SaveFerris2390d ago

Damn. 'They' got to the voice actor for Skullface. It's a C-O-Nspiracy!

DarkOcelet2390d ago

I think Cypher will be the main antagonist since he was the one that sent them to hell.

Blues Cowboy2390d ago

Translation: "The NDA I signed will ruin me and my entire bloodline if I actually tell you anything."

Normann2390d ago

Hahah, yeah this is best proven, 35:53
Q: When you did skullface, did you do the facial caputur?
A: No, just voice I didn't do any mocap

"That is suprising for you where credited for the facial capture in the game"

A: Really?

We just watched the credits and it said facial and voice capture..

A: Maybe I had something on my face I seriously don't recall it.

It think it is one of those where you sit in a booth with 90 cameras all around you - you don't recall sitting in front of a bunch of cameras like that?

A: It is possible..

Laughter, okay.
We love it

A: Sounds reasonable that happend.

You might be skullface reincarnated. So much mystery here!

Cy2390d ago

An article about Skullface.

From Gamingbolt.

Colonel "Thunderbolt" Volgin confirmed as Skullface.

DarkOcelet2390d ago

Volgin body is much more stronger. And what the hell happened to his lightning powers???

It just seems out of place.

Timesplitter142390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Hayter omitted, Head transplant controversy, Konami controversy, now this...

What if all of it was just Kojima taking trolling to a whole new level not meant for mere humans?

MGS5 sure has a pretty controversial development history, to say the least

solidsnake2222390d ago

If this is true, this guy is truly uninspired and doesn't genuinely care for his work.

generic-user-name2390d ago

Nah, like he says, he does a billion other voice recording sessions, he can't be remembering every single one, especially when he jumps right into the end of the series with MGSV, we can't reasonably expect the man to make sense of it, much less remember it months later.

DarXyde2390d ago

That could mean his role is comparably minor to some of the other characters.

It could be due to doing other gigs. I find it unlikely to be the latter though since it would be shocking to find the role of an antagonist in a Metal Gear Solid game to be forgettable.

Personally, I'm betting on NDA.

generic-user-name2390d ago


In that case he can just say "I'm not allowed to talk about that" like Huey's voice actor did when he was interviewed by the same people.

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