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A Throwing Digital Sheep special PS Plus review. A look into the one of the PS Plus free games on offer for May 2015: The Unfinished Swan. This review seeks to inform readers if this game is a worthwhile little story or a short waste of time.

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DualWielding2187d ago

can't play the game, gives me motion sickness.. .I have the same problem with all first person shooters though

Silly Mammo2187d ago

I had to sell Dying Light because of motion sickness and I really liked the game.

Eidolon2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

You need to play more first person games, it's the only cure.

Is that a permanent condition, could it be managed by special eye-wear or pills?

rdgneoz32187d ago

I play a ton of FP games, yet after a while of this one I get a little motion sickness. Loved Dying Light though (played the hell out of it in co-op), so it might just be the screen being bright white half the time (when you aren't painting it black).

Becuzisaid2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Absolutely phenomenal game. Short and sweet. At first the paint mechanic had me worried it would get old fast, but then it got to the vines and I was so impressed.

Eidolon2187d ago

Same, by all the trailers I thought it was just going to be throwing paint on white, but the vines really got me and it's so beautiful.

teflontactics2187d ago

I've just finished this on Vita, and though I enjoyed a lot of the systems and little things you had to figure out along the way, it seemed like it either ran too long or (on the flip side) didn't have enough elements to keep me from getting bored between the introduction of new mechanics.

I'd have probably given it a 7-7.5, but that's just me.