Disappointed by E3? Wait a Month

Button Masher writes: "At least two of the big players at E3 commented about announcements not made at E3 and games that were not on show. There has been no comment from Microsoft about the lack of Alan Wake at E3 but both Sony and EA are making hints that their Leipzig lineups contain something that a lot of people went away wanting after E3, new stuff."

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sunnygrg4655d ago

August 20 - 24. Cannot wait for another round of awesomeness.

And then again comes Tokyo Game show October 9 - 12. Mark your calendars.

BTW, I heard that Square Enix's press conference is in about two weeks, is that right?

Sangria4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

21st to 24th of August.
Sadly, with E3 losing its soul, we have to wait Leipzig's Game Convention for having other announcements, and if GC disappoint, we will say "Wait until TGS!" and if TGS disappoint, "Wait until E3!", etc...

Veryangryxbot4655d ago

People knew this would come.

PS3 has legions of games for the gamers where as 360 is same old same old. Nothing new because there was hardly anything left.

I suppose Banjo is "new". They only announced that one a few months ago. I give props where props is deserved.

It is a good time to be a PS3 owner and if people cannot see the value of the PS3, people need to question their IQ level.

5 years from now, the console war will be over and people will look back and ask themselves whether they have missed the golden age of gaming. PS3 owners will not miss out a thing. Sadly, the competition owners will cry.

gaffyh4654d ago

When do they have the main Sony and MS conferences? Cos there is Games Convention Devloper's Conference which is from 18-20 August (

And then there is the Games Convention from August 20-24, which I think is open to the public to play games, rather than for conferences.

whoknew4654d ago

Veryangryxbot, your a F-ing idiot who knows nothing. I would love to test your IQ. My guess is your a 12 year old inbred with a brain made of cheese. Kindly take your fanboys BS else where, or better yet,go slit your wrists, do the world a favour.

Let us all hope there is lots of great announcements still to come from both camps. As a gamer with all the next gen consoles that would be awesome.

I have no time for this [email protected] fanboy crap that people on N4G seem to think is cool. Grow up people, please!

sumfood4u4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

E3 is Best when the Next Gen comes out, later on in the years is slows down, with many broken promises! Bet i'ma get a few disagree an a bubble gone because like people take bubbles away for your comments not cause you offended them! which is a reason why i hate this bubble system. It wont let gammers voice their true opinions with out some fanboy giving you silly repercussions!

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Jinxstar4655d ago

I just don't get it... Why wait a month? Why not have shown us everything at E3... I know you want to keep somethings secret but isn't E3 like the "Big" Show? I can see some RPG's for TGS or some other stuff for Liepzig but WTH? E3 is supposed to be "The show"...

nirwanda4655d ago

E3 probably a less than a quarter the size of TGS and leipzig now and has no access to the public

I think Liepzig will turn into the new big show for the western audience plus with it being slightly later in the year it gives devs more time to get better builds up and running for it christmas lineup titles

Jinxstar4654d ago

I hope your right. I wish we could have seen more cool new stuff...

incogneato4654d ago

i hope youre right nirwanda so we can get some big news! i wonder if they will have a big conference in a theatre like at E3?

lockload4654d ago

Bunigies next game was going to be announced but was postponed in order for the FFXIII announcement to be in there, so MS have that to announce at a special event after E3

incogneato4654d ago

new stuff in just a few weeks hell yea!!!!! sonyyyyyyyyyy

4strength4stam4654d ago

Veryangryxbot you my friend are wrong, although i believe the PS3 will win this year in previous years the Xbox and the Wii have blown the PS3 away

snoopgg4654d ago

The wii really hasn't blown away anybody in the next gen race, cause they have no next gen machine. Their game lineup is the weakest there has ever been. I wouldn't want to own the wii if it was $100.OO. There just isn't any games on that system that are worthy of my time. Nintendo wake up and get into the Hd generation of gaming. Your online sucks also. Playing the wii is like having a tv with no digital tuner next year, useless and worthless at the same time.

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