Versus XIII Final Fantasy's first M Rating?

Gerry Clarke (Yourstrulyinhd) offers his opinions on the possibilities of Final Fantasy Versus XIII hitting the Xbox360, as well as being Final Fantasy's first M rated game. Included in the article is some speculation concerning a Final Fantasy VII remake, which could also be a M rated game.

"It was pretty disheartening to watch one of the guards holding a shotgun that fired like a Call of Duty 4 heavy machine gun. That aside, the trailer set up an extremely sturdy platform for us all to get on top of and scream about how we wanted more."

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Fishy Fingers3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Not 100% sure how he manages to twist a violent Versus trailer into a FFVII remake, but Id sure like to see Versus go M rated. I've never played a FF not being a huge RPG fan and Versus has me captivated more than FFXIII with the hopes of it being a little more action orientated.

FFVII must have been a special game to a lot of people, the demand is obviously there, SE have shown they strive for the Western market and the Western dollar, surely it's something they should be considering.

ice_prophecy3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Well for me, it was my first every play station game, on my first ever console.

edit: Wait. I lie. I remember, I had this sega thingy with a black gun and you'd shoot ducks on the screen lol....

I guess it was my first rpg game then.

edit 2: >.> I dont get the disagree system hahahaha I guess My memories are wrong....

Jinxstar3742d ago

I didn't disagree with you but "Duck hunt" was on the original NES and hence probably why you got a Disagree.

ice_prophecy3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

oh I see.... well it was a black contraption with a black gun thing. That's as much as I remember hahaha.

ps: I remember when I picked up FF7, thinking that I absolutely had to get it because it was the FINAL one in the series. Consequently, the 7 didn't mean anything to me at the time.

Jinxstar3742d ago

Hmmm.... Then I really have no idea what game that could be. Unless you lived abroad and had a system that was either illegal or a non US version somehow.

FF7 was honestly the last FF I liked. I liked the SNES ones and the first PS one which was FF7. FF9 wasn't too bad and Crisis core was ok as well. Game on though =D

ice_prophecy3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

lol it was this thing.

We're so oftopic :D

OT: I wouldn't mind seeing a M rated FF game. It might be refreshing. To be honest FF7 was probably the last FF game I really liked. I moved on to Disgaea and other underrated, but noteworthy RPGs (oh I fail so hard to stay on topic >.>)

Jinxstar3742d ago

We are off topic but thats kinda cool. The SG1000- Mark III.... Forums are for discussion and I learned something. Thanks for that. =D

Death3742d ago

He had a Sega Master System which came with the Light Phaser and Shooting Gallery is the game with the birds you could shoot. Classic system, I still have one in the box and a couple out of the box along with the game in question. ;)


Guwapo773741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Death could it be a game called Safari Hunt? I still own the game. There were 3 levels. One was at a lake, second was in the forest shooting spiders and other madness, can't remember the third level. Then it would repeat with the mobs moving faster. It was Sega's answer to Duck Hunt.

EDIT: Found a link. There were two forest wonder I didn't remember the other one.

Death3741d ago

Shooting Gallery had the birds that exploded.

Tough call though since it could be either one of them. :)


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lil Titan3742d ago

ill take a more adult game FFVS 13 over im guessing the teen rating FF 13 if its true it time to grow up but if VS is being devloped by "Tetsuya Nomura and the people who brought you Kindom Hearts" when is KH3 coming?

madestar3742d ago

and it's only for the ps3...

mfwahwah3742d ago

KH3 is going into development right after FFVXIII is done. So, not for a very long time.

MK_Red3742d ago

Well, if they indeed make an M rated FF, I'd kill to get my hands on it. Seriously, M rated JRPGs are the only good ones and they are usually different too. (Parasite Eve FTW!)

Plus, art and style of FF combined with blood n gore = WIN!

Jinxstar3742d ago

That was a great game until the end MK. I just couldn't bring myself to climb all 50 floors of that building =( Still though great fight system and the story albeit confusing a bit was still cool.

MK_Red3742d ago

Story was really confusing and that "tower" climbing was just unfair but the game was really something and indeed the promised Cinematic RPG.

Pck3742d ago

That means vs is better and xbox is getting the teen rated crap,

HateBoy3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Do you feel better now? Did that make your life better? I'm guessing no. Look to the right! It's open zone, ahhhhhh...

OT: NICE, me like. Hope it's not just because some girl shows a nipple ro whatever and that it is because of blood and gore.

Also, this is sickening:"Those subscribing to Sony should rejoice that the visibly better of the two, in these early stages, has stayed exclusive." WHY, OH WHY is vs the visibly better one all of a sudden? Have the fanboys taken over internet!?! Please tell me, I'm trying my best to understand. And if you base your opinion on cg-trailers, which tell NOTHING, just don't.

deanobi3742d ago

FF13 wont be crud, never in a million years

ash_divine3742d ago

I'd love to agree with the bottom of your comment but you're being naive.

ask around the PS3 crowd dude, Vs.XIII was always considered the better of the 2. You think the backlash for XIII was bad, If it had been Vs. it would have been way worse.

HateBoy3742d ago

I'll just have to take your word for it. Ok, I'm getting with the program, VS is better, all hail VS!

mfwahwah3742d ago

How do we know Versus is better looking eh? Tell me this, which parts of the Versus trailer were in-game, and which were CG? No tricks, there is in-game footage, and good luck figuring it out.

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