Diablo III Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With the Infamous Cow Level

"The game is celebrating its third anniversary with portals to the infamous Cow Level."

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MrCherry2815d ago

Mooo?,mooo?. I love that level help me out alot.

Crimzon2815d ago

I hope they announce a new expansion at E3. Reaper of Souls was great.

Lon3wolf2815d ago

Can't see them releasing more expansions (I would love more) now for it otherwise I'm sure they would of announced something by now IMO.

Thunder_G0d_Bane2815d ago

They'll be announcing the new expansion at BlizzCon later this year. Blizzard don't make announcements at E3.

TheOnlyMastrx2814d ago

Diablo 2 cow level was the best, but sadly I haven't picked up Diablo 3.