Analysis of Americas Sales for the Week Ending July 12, 2008

VGChartz runs us through the past week:

After a pretty big week for new software last week, Civilization Revolution was the top new debut for the week, at a respectable 117,000+ on Xbox 360, PS3 & DS.

Total hardware sales are up slightly from last week, led in raw units by Wii & DS and week over week increases by PS3 and PSP.

The major milestone for the week belongs to the Wii though. At 12,830,822 units lifetime in the Americas through the week ending July 12, 2008 Wii has topped Gamecube Americas sales.

Gamecube finished up its sales life earlier in 2008 at roughly 12.73 million. At 306,000 units of hardware sold for Wii & DS vs. 218,000 units sold for all other platforms Nintendo's momentum continues to build largely interrupted despite occasional Xbox 360 (Halo 3, price cut) and PS3 spikes (Metal Gear Solid 4, price cut).

Next week the mid-model Xbox 360 will be priced at $299, so there should be another short term spike. But with a quick phase out, it doesn't look like Microsoft plans on using the 'price cut' as a momentum changer. Until the next wave of price cuts and/or compelling software arrives to shake demand up a bit, the sales hierarchy should continue as is.

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Chris Hansen3837d ago

VeryGayChartz acting as if their professional analysis.

morganfell3837d ago

So? The ability to put together a website where your visitors are responsible for the news hardly makes you worthy to act as an analyst.

That's like saying the people that produce ESPN could play as a Linebacker in the NFL or win the World Heavyweight Championship in the UFC or Boxing.

SixTwoTwo3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

The site where anyone and everyone is an analyst.

lastdestiny3837d ago

I have been reading gamefaqs for some time now and i feel i should finally contribute to the society. My microsoft insider where i get all my news from finally have something brilliant worth posting. Too me its no so brilliant (i am a ps3 guy), but to you it might be, BLU RAY add-on unit for xbox 360!. I believe its true as my microsoft insider often gets things months ahead and it becomes true but i never post (im no xbox fan, and frankly the news has only been this big once before. I hope its not true but he says it is.

Anyways Yeah the add-on will be coming, which i guess is good for sony cause microsoft has to pay royalties and stuff maybe. However it will be around late in the holdiay season and be priced and an extremely fair $149.99 in North America, and it will be released early 2009 in europe, is what my insider said. It will most likely be announced at GC, this is huge though as its somthing sony has over them xbox now has.

Please Reply with your comments

P.S I beleive this is true its 99.9% true i think as hes neevr been wrong before.

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Silogon3837d ago

I don't particularly like taking advice from so called analyst who drink warm milk out of baby bottles and eat Doritos fun bags and Animal crackers while they make these predictions and post these stats.

That's just me, though.

PoSTedUP3837d ago

yea these predictions are probably 10 times less accurate than VGcharts.

PoSTedUP3837d ago

these are VGcharts, i though it was some regular analyst....

morganfell3837d ago

Exposed as charlatans and then banned.

Playstation Man3837d ago

whether it's Wii on top, PS3 beating out 360 or the PSP breathing life, if it's according to these guys, NO ONE should be bragging or sourcing such information.

Bottomline, this is just a wannabe analyst site and really shouldn't be consider news but rather rumors as projections. It's all about NPD folks, that's all that matters...though even they're out of sync sometimes with Hardware developer numbers (ala PS3 sales announced at E3).

Kyur4ThePain3837d ago

My son was born on Friday, 7/18 at 9:12pm.

Playstation Man3837d ago


Now imagine if someone disagrees w/ this comment. lol.

Playstation Man3836d ago

lol, I opened the floor to that one! Stupid GiantEnemyCrab! I know it was you! lol.

Tacki3837d ago

VGFartz: "Wake up and smell the numbers we pulled out of our ass!"

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