Konami: 'traditional' games just aren't worth the effort

Wired:"To many players, video game publisher Konami's recent behaviour has been... odd."

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SaveFerris2388d ago

If Konami licensed the Metal Gear franchise, which developer could do it justice (besides KojiPro of course)?

Dacapn2388d ago

I'm going to go ahead and say it. GG has a shitty track record IMO. Never played KZ1, but I liked KZ2 despite some very obvious control issues, KZ3 was straight doo doo butter though some of the game modes were pretty ambitious, and Shadowfall was decent at best, but even less ambitious than KZ2. Overall GG has a history of disappointing me.

Moldiver2388d ago

Typical statement from big japanese devs these days. It comes across as lazy too. Not worth the effort? yet other devs are making millions off console games. Come better than that konami. It best you step out of the arena anyway.

So this is how it looks now....unless MS, sony or Nintendo fund a japanese third party dev to make a AAS game, they wont make one, and just focus on 3DS and other mobile platforms. I guess I better move that 3DS purchase up the list of things to buy this year. at this rate it will be the only way to play traditional style japanese games.

Peace_Love_and_FPS2388d ago

Think I might get a 3DS too, for smash Bros

comebackkid98912388d ago

queue the raging j-mongers coming to their defense with cries of profit and survivalism.

mushroomwig2388d ago

"Mobile is where the future of gaming lies"

Jesus, I really hope not

Timesplitter142388d ago

the sad thing is that they are probably right

gangsta_red2388d ago

They are right, just look at the crazy profits devs are receiving just from the mobile platform.

From the article they have had the most success and biggest returns from the mobile market. There was a recent article about a Japanese mobile company getting 2 mill daily from their game. That is insane.

Mobile is huge, as much as a lot of people on this site don't want to believe it but it is. And this is why you see a lot of Japanese developers focusing on mobile and not consoles.

Kal-V32388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

"Mobile is where the future of us making more money off of gaming lies"
There i corrected it for them.

They are only saying this to protect their investment.

If they weren't investing so heavily into it, would they be saying its the future. It's only the future because they are pushing it that way.

PlayableGamez2388d ago

If mobile gaming is going to be the future, well I guess I won't game anymore.

I rather not game at all than game on mobile.

Kal-V32388d ago

I wouldn't game nearly as often or be as dedicated. But i know what you mean.
There might be some decent time waster stuff but will be overall crap.

frostypants2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

The correct statement by them would be "mobile is where the largest margins are...for the time being". It won't always be this way. The market will get flooded, the uber-casuals will get tired of the repetitive gameplay styles from these little games, and these forces will drive up dev prices soon enough.

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Two-Face2388d ago

I respect their decision.

Joe9132388d ago

I said this in another article but I think this is because of the gamers of today now a days we are so quick to boycott a game for having micro transactions or not having online. And buying games used is another cause but I think devs can drop the price of games they actually may sell more copies thus making more money but that is a big risk for these companies but if you think about it people would be more willing to risk money on a game.

Dario_DC2388d ago

Gamers should boycott all that bring those kind of practices to 70€ games! This isn't mobile!
If they wanna mess around with 150€ of DLC and hundreds more in microtransactions at least make the effin game free!!!
Don't compare mobile free games with full on 70€ games! It's not the same! DLC can be well done and accepted, just look at Witcher 3 for example, but microtransactions and crap DLC needs to be stopped.

comebackkid98912388d ago

PC gaming normalized F2P and microtransactions, don't pin this on consoles.

Joe9132388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Didn't I say they should drop the price of games so gamers are more willing to shovel out the money it seems like they would lose money but if you sell twice the amount of games then you will end up making more money did you only read half my comment see people like you are the reason everything is messed up. Sometimes devs go to far but a lot of times gamers are being nit picky. I am not comparing AAA games to mobile games like that I am saying when it comes down to how much a company make off mobile games to AAA games especially if you consider how much money goes into each type of game then it makes sense they go the mobile route. The biggest misconception gamers have is they act like these companies make games to make them happy nope it is to make money. And boycotting is not all that bad some good things come out of it but some gamers take it to far. And this is the reason why Kojima got fired or whatever is happening and other big companies are focusing on mobile less money to develop and make more money off of it lol as a business model it is perfect. So say what you want but these companies are making less money because of gamers like you so they are going to stop making AAA games or down size the amount of AAA games they make can't just blame the company we are all at fault it is a revolving door we don't buy or buy used so they stop making it is as simple as that.

@comebackkid9891 That is true but I think the used games market is what caused that to spill over into $60 console games cause just seeing that model the whole MT thing should not work unless the game is free to play. DLC was created so people would not be so quick to trade their games in then they had it where if you bought a used game and it had online you had to buy a online pass but I think MT took the place of the online pass.

Dario_DC2388d ago

Me, as a consumer, have every single right to nitpick, it's my money, I buy what I think it's the best value for me and I don't support none of these practices.
How many incomplete games we've had so far? These developers cut out parts of the game to make day one DLC and so on.
How about they start cutting on the millions they spend on advertising? There are games out there with a bigger budget on advertising than on development!
Besides this isn't some company trying to make good games... This is Konami looking to spend as little as possible with these crappy little games and make as much profit as they can out of it. There's no good will here, they don't care about gaming or gamers at all.

Joe9132388d ago

@Dario_DC How about you read my whole comment before responding. If it is to long then do not bother. I am in no way saying people shouldn't nitpick I even went as far as to say it helped in a few situations I am not arguing with you about what is right or wrong that is not my point read the article hell read the title. What I am saying is I can see how they are coming to that conclusion to where they are going to focus on mobile games. Do I like it no I do not MGS is my most favorite game in the world MGS 1 is the reason I still play games right now so it sucks that they are going this route but I can see why and they are not the only company doing this.
As far as Konami not caring about gamers lol they are not supposed to their main interest is making money they are going to do anything to accomplish that goal not to say that all companies do the same a lot do take what the public say and try to do better but when it comes down to it they are a business and they are going to do what makes money not what makes you or me happy I am a adult and I realize this does it suck yeah but all you can do is support the devs and the company that seem like they care I hated MS because I did not feel like they actually cared about the gamers until Spencer took over. So I get what you are saying but I think we are trying to make different points like you are arguing with me about something I am not saying like in no way am I saying this is okay I really do not see mobile games in the same category as console or pc games. I am just saying that if the whole used games market did not get so big would so many devs be still going to mobile. I think they would dabble in it but still support the hard core because they would still be making money there. But now you see them not even trying because there is no return in investment why spend IDK 50 mil to make a game when you are going to lose half of what you would have made to the used game market.

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